Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pistons SocaBondage Night 2!

Tonight was a very entertaining evening of bondage and restraint at Pistons!

I was tied by two different Sirs tonight, Sir K. and Sir C.

My first binding was slow, easy, simple, and lightly sensual as my arms were restrained in leather cuffs and legs were tied spread eagle with rope.  A leather hood was pulled over my head and I was given a soft blindfold.  Sir K then kissed me, unzipped my leather shirt and gently toyed with my nipples, at first I felt as if he wasn't doing anything, that he was holding back, but the more he did it, the more I wanted him to do more.  He was torturing me with lack, like a "negative space" torture, the restraint and withholding of what you want most. Like moving in for a kiss, and right before your eager lips meet his, he pulls back, leaving you to whimper and beg for it to happen, yearning and aching for contact while he smiles sadistically as you squirm.  Then, all too soon it felt, the scene stopped and he began to release me.  Inside I was aching for more, I was as obedient as I could be!  I was such a good boy! He teased me! He only gave me a slight hint of flavor!  Damn it, I want more!  Please!

After a while of talking and mingling, I met up with Sir C. to whom I offered my body for him to practice his rope skills upon.  He restrained my arms with soft padded leather cuffs (my absolute favorite) above my head to the same post, and tied my legs to the post much like Sir K. did.  He also blindfolded me with a black bandanna and tightly covered my mouth with black bondage tape.

Word of Advice: Even the light adhesive of bondage tape will bind to whiskers and hair in the most uncomfortable way.  It may test easy on and off, but after a while it adheres to every hair and IT HURTS LIKE HELL TO TAKE IT OFF LATER!  If your sub has any facial hair, use a different gagging method.  Otherwise the scene will clean up very painfully!

Sir C.  was sensual, sexy, and absolutely wonderful.  Kissing me through the tape made me yearn for his lips on mine.  He toyed with my already sensitive chest, pinching hard, licking, grasping my body, making me ache to hold him close in my own arms that were restrained above me.  Argh! The frustration!  But that's what a beautiful and torturous aspect of bondage is, to be unable to move how you really, eagerly want to.  The teasing.  He played with me, I mumbled and growled my thanks to him as he kissed and held me over and over.  As the scene ended, my wishes came true and I was able to kiss him and hold him close as I came down from subspace. 

The bar patio was crowded tonight, it was wonderful to see men hooded, gagged, roped, tortured, flogged, and the sounds of growls and howls of ecstasy filling the air was like sweet erotic music.

Play safe my friends, and have an absolutely beautiful night.

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