Thursday, November 4, 2010

Avatar's Howler Event

This past weekend was very, very enjoyable!

Friday I headed up to LA and met with a leather friend of mine, we headed to some clothing shops for some last minute Halloween costume ideas for him, I got to see a nice military clothing store before we stopped to pick up dinner and headed over to his place.

I'll just skip to the fun parts for you guys, because I know that's all you're interested in, haha.

Well I had my first Sir/boy experience, I tend to think of it more of a Sir and boy scene mainly because I tend to think of Master/slave scenes as more intense.  I must say I really enjoyed being his subservient for the night and morning I was staying at his house.  It truly began when he ordered my clothes off and asked me to kneel on a pillow in front of him.  He presented me with a collar and asked me if I accepted it I would be his boy from then until the time he had to drive me to the station, I took a moment to absorb that and then said yes. 

(Now this is what makes him a very good Sir, he went with my pace, and asked me a lot of questions several days prior, even going as far as to give me a questionnaire to fill out.  What I liked, didn't like, what I had experienced, did not experience yet, and what were my "hard limits" or definite "no" fetishes.  This is what showed me he knew what he was doing, as he took a genuine interest in my fetish boundaries and respected them.)

He then proceeded to lock the collar on, and the evening really began.  I was to eat dinner completely nude, which actually was pretty fun, and after a little while I didn't even notice I wasn't wearing anything but the collar.  Sir was very gentle with me and considerate of my limits as well.  He bound me up a few times, pushing limits I wasn't very aware of, tight rope, temporary tingling wrists-

(always let your dom know when you feel pins and needles, very important, this deals with blood circulation)

-and a load of tickling which I must say was very frustrating.  I really dislike tickling, even though I was laughing my ass off, dealing with as much as I could stand before begging him to stop.

When it came time to get ready for the event, my Sir suggested I wear some leather from his and his partner's collection.  A pair of chaps, some black underwear, my boots, and my leather sleeveless shirt, along with a muir cap (AKA "daddy caps").  I actually wore one once in The Crypt, a fetish store in Long Beach, and didn't think it really fit my personality, but after seeing myself in full leather, collar included, I was amazed at how much I liked how I looked in it!

Heading out, we stopped for gas, which was only a notable experience mainly because I was in gear while walking up to the attendant, smiling, and asking for $20.00 in gas on our pump.  I think I may have made her shift worthwhile.  Afterward, finding ourselves quite early for the event, we stopped by Rough Trade in Silverlake and browsed around a little while.  I may have discovered a new interest that night as they had an incredible rubber dog hood that was usually behind glass, out in the open.  I asked if I could try it on, and the manager was more than happy to let me do so.  The rubber hood was like a work of art, it resembled a Doberman Pinscher incredibly well, down to the fur markings.  Putting it on, I felt like I was of a select few who were really "able" to wear it, like it had chosen me, and after seeing myself in the mirror, a piece of me desperately wanted to keep it on, while another part of me was slightly afraid that I enjoyed it so much!  The manager himself said that he thought I looked incredible in it, which just makes things "worse". Haha!

Leaving Rough Trade, we finally headed out to the Eagle bar.  Upon arriving at the front gate, Sir leashed me with a chain leash and pulled me along inside.  My only regret is that he had to release me in order for me to fetch the beer he politely requested soon after.  We mingled for a while outside, meeting up with other leather men like Don Mike, Marcus, and other titleholders as well as the men of Avatar Los Angeles, who had put a lot of great work into arranging and producing the event itself.

One of the fun little activities they had planned which had initially attracted me to go to the event in the first place was the butt painting contest.  Now I had no intention of having my own ass painted, goodness no, it would get all over my nice leather that Sir had been so generous to lend to me!  I wanted to paint!  I was lucky to meet another sub who wanted his butt painted, and he was generous to offer me his ass as my canvas.

(I will take the art world by storm, just you wait and see!  Ass paintings will be in the Louvre someday!)

The event wound itself down, so Sir and I left and returned to his home.  After some nice leather hugging, he lifted me and carried me to the bedroom where we proceeded to explore my limits and interests in the fetish world. 

I undressed at his order and he then began to flog me with a leather flogger.  It was blunt and hard, but satisfying, several times he went harder and harder until I let him know I couldn't take much more.

(Always decide on a safe word or signal, things can get very intense with flogging and safety is of the utmost importance.)

The experience left me in an emotional state, tears welling up in my eyes as deep-seeded emotions rose to the surface.  (Flogging can be a very intense experience, I don't fully understand why, but even as I write this I'm welling up with tears again, I am not sad nor upset, but I am very eager for more.)  My Sir provided absolutely excellent aftercare, bringing me up on the bed and holding me close until I could compose myself once more.  My Sir praising me and talking in a soft voice made me feel so wonderful.

We ended the night with me worshiping my Sir's leather boots, something I've always wanted to experience, and I fully enjoyed it.

The morning was just as incredible, for breakfast, my Sir had me eat oatmeal out of a bowl on the floor, my first experience of puppy play.  I must say, it was interesting and different, but very fun as messy as it was.  After my meal we went back to the bedroom and my Sir flogged me, however this time was much more intense.  After several heavy hits, he ordered me to count the next few, each one more intense and heavy than the last.  At 6 I couldn't take anymore.  As determined as I was to endure as much as possible, I cried out no more and my Sir ceased immediately, bringing me close and providing the same amazing aftercare as before.  My back was like a sunburn, red and burning with heat, my eyes flushed with tears once more.

After regaining composure, Sir experimented with a little ice and wax play, after my back was able to handle it of course.  Unfortunately the candles available weren't what I could take, it was slightly too hot for me, and we decided to try again after he obtained more appropriate waxing candles. 

(Wax play can be dangerous, please make sure you have the appropriate candles, as they tend to melt at different temperatures.)

Soon it was time for me to leave, and the collar came off.

After such an incredible experience...I am more than willing to do it all again. Absolutely amazing and mind blowing.

Thank you, Sir.