Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a Thought - The Magic Tap

I was just thinking a moment earlier, what if you had the power to make people experience a full body high for a few minutes just by touching them in an inconspicuous place on their body?  For example, you wake up and God or a witch or a magical genie is at your bed and tells you that just by tapping someone's shoulder you would now give them the most amazing physical experience in the world.  So you go outside and casually brush by someone, excusing yourself but at the same time you touch their shoulder and keep walking.  A few seconds later you hear a happy sigh behind you and you turn to look back at this person, the biggest smile is on their face and it looks like they just released every negative thing in the world from their body.

However they aren't looking at you, they're just standing there happy as can be.  You remain anonymous, they have no idea what you just did but they love every wonderful second.

How would you feel?  Would you go around tapping people's shoulders left and right?  Would you only do it occasionally?  Would you do it to complete strangers, coworkers, or trusted friends?

If it were me I'd probably feel like the most powerful person on the planet, money would lose all value to me if I could walk around and instantly make people feel at ease and one with the universe just with a simple inconspicuous tap on their body.  I wouldn't want them to know it was me though, the last thing I want to happen to a gift like that is for it to become corrupted in any way.

So what would you do with a power like that?

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