Friday, December 10, 2010

Gloved Up

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a unique fetish with a friend of mine the other night.  He's into gloves and G.O.M.  which stands for "Glove Over Mouth".  Now personally I saw gloves as nothing more than a lovely addition to fetish gear, a cowboy wearing fringed gloves, a cop wearing thin police gloves, but I never really considered them by themselves before I met this gentleman.

Unfortunately the GOM fetish is esoteric in nature, usually flying under the radar as a light kink like dirty talk or body kissing.  It provides a feeling of overpowering a kidnap victim, or being abducted depending on your favorite side of the glove. 

During my time with this friend, I intended to go in as the dominant, I wanted to make his glove fantasy a sweet memorable reality and see the pleased look on his face when it came true.  However I was surprised that it did not go as I had originally planned!  Soon into our scene I found myself held tightly from behind, leather gloves smothering my mouth and eyes, a firm masculine grip on my face muffling my grunts.

Now to be honest I have a slight abduction fantasy, being taken away by a few handsome strangers for a few hours in a van sounds like fun.  So GOM was a definite hit with me and I highly recommend it if you've ever thought about a unique submission scene.

Nothing like the smell of leather!

Play Safe, my friends.


  1. I am a straight female who likes GOM is that uncommon?

    1. Not at all, it's quite common and many other women share your kink. Enjoy is as much as you want!