Tuesday, November 2, 2010


(Original Post Date: August 13th, 2010)

I had a very enjoyable experience quite recently with a friend of mine who surprised me by having an interest in zentai!  He had ordered a pair of suits and we both tried them on for the first time.

Now zentai is a full body tightsuit, which covers the entire body including the wearer's face.  There are variations of the suit, but the most recognizable version would be Spiderman's costume, yes Spiderman is a kinky bastard it seems!

The feeling of being in a zentai suit is like being in one giant tight, you're naked inside the suit because the suit is so tight it will not fit well over clothing.  It was a very unique and positive feeling, and I felt like I was a living shadow due to the suits being black.  The feeling of my hands and body encased in the Lycra material was just amazing and even the act of simply hugging someone in one of these suits is quite pleasurable, as it is a full body experience.

Another little detail that I enjoyed was the feeling of anonymity, being just a solid black, person shape, face completely covered, no recognizable marks, clothes, or traits showing, it is extremely difficult for someone to know who you are if you don't speak.

I would definitely recommend zentai to even the most vanilla people out there, even if it doesn't make your fetish list, it's a lot of fun to wear!

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