Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tom of Finland Event

(Original Post Date: May 8th, 2010)

I had the pleasure of attending the Tom of Finland Foundation event held at the Pistons bar last night.

For those of you who don't know who Tom of Finland is, he was a gay erotic artist who drew muscular gay men in very erotic scenes and poses.  For more information and short biography, please visit the Tom of Finland Foundation website.  His art is not only renowned for being so remarkable and uncensored, but for the impact it had on the gay community at the time it was showcased in America.

The event was quite enjoyable, there was silent auctions for various pieces and collections of Tom's work, as well as a very interesting demonstration of erotic wax.  The demonstrator and dominant was none other than the president of Avatar Los Angeles, who was so kind as to introduce me to the basics of electric play at Avatorium.

He began by burning two long candles over the volunteering submissive, dressed only in an orange jockstrap.  At first the demonstration started out small, little drops of melting wax falling here and there on his back, but then he picked up a cup candle and poured the liquid wax all over his backside.  The demonstration became more and more intense, more use of poured wax instead of dropping wax, until he opened up a container by the edge of the stage, took out a small pitcher full of red liquid wax, and poured it straight onto the submissive, who fidgeted and groaned underneath.  Once the demonstration was in full swing, the dominant took yet another pitcher full of melted wax, pulled open the sub's jockstrap, and proceeded to dump it straight down on his genitalia, much to everyone's surprise.  The sub however seemed to really enjoy it through his grit teeth.  At the conclusion, my electro play mentor then lit two sparklers and let the embers fall upon his sub's bare chest, which created a very elaborate finish to an already intriguing fetish display, and adding yet another kink to my "curiosity" list.

The evening ended with the humorous auction and banter of Mr. Leather titleholders who were raising money to send a member to a barbecue and leather event to represent them.  I also  talked with a member of the Tom of Finland foundation who lives at the foundation's house and helps out with the proceedings, he urged me to research the foundation and learn as much as I could about it, and hopefully come to the house itself as well.

Being a new fan of the art and interested in the history of the gay community, I hope to visit the household very soon and learn as much as I can in hopes of not only educating myself but those who may not have this kind of opportunity.

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