Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mr. Rubber Contest 2010

(Original Post Date: June 26th, 2010)

I had a very enjoyable time last night at The Eagle bar in Los Angeles with a close friend of mine, as we attended the Mr. Rubber competition. I had seen a poster for the event at Rough Trade in Silverlake, a gear store specializing in leather and fetish gear and it had peaked my interest.  Having very little experience with the rubber community, I decided it would be in my best interests and an enjoyable night to attend.

We arrived around 10pm, but fortunately the contest hadn't started yet so we opted to meander and chat.  The bar was full of men in various gear, the most popular of course being rubber, then leather, and I did see perhaps two men in motorcycle gear.  It was a very pleasing sight, the slick, shining rubber shirts, vests, pants underneath the dim red light of the bar, tightly form fitting against well-toned bodies of men.

I met up with the MC of the night, George, who I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the evening prior.  He introduced me to his friends who were also in gear, one of whom was wearing a leather uniform, breeches and a leather hat which fit him very well.  We chatted for a short while before I returned to the bar.

The event started somewhat late, and there were only two contestants, one who opted for generous fanfare and introduction as well as extravagant rubber gear, and the other who hopped on the stage and went for a more simplistic look and style.  I was amazed at the rubber gear the first contestant (Michael?) came up with, but I also really enjoyed the second contestant's (Jason I believe) attitude and personality.  Unfortunately there were only two entries this contest, but they were both very attractive and slick in their gear.  Funny thing, he actually brought his own mother to support him in this dark, overtly sexual, gear-filled bar!  Now if that isn't parental support I don't know what is.

I don't recall the entire contest, unfortunately, but Michael won, and I'm certain it was due to his amazing gear he had a friend help him design.  Although I wouldn't have minded giving Jason a nice long hug in his simple gas mask and rubber shorts!

I will definitely be returning to this bar in the future, and hopefully the next fetish contest will have more entries than this one.

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