Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hanky Code

(Original Post Date: May 27th, 2010)

A long time ago, in a time where homosexuality was spoken of in whispers and secret, guys used a specific way of showing what they were into without arousing suspicion.  This was done by utilizing various colored handkerchiefs, and it soon became known as the Hanky Code.

Now the colors used have changed in time, and some may not mean what they used to, but some colors have stayed the same even today.

The following is a short list of hanky codes I have found and what they mean.  Please be advised that times have changed, and colors may not be the same as they used to and have much different meanings.

For more information please visit: http://www.evilmonk.org/A/hankcode.cfm

One common instance I have found is where the hanky is worn seems to stay the same in meaning.

The back pocket means "I'm looking for"
The front pocket means "I have already found"

The left side means "Dominant"

The right side means "submissive"

Gray - Bondage

Blue (Medium) - Cop

Red - Fisting

Yellow - Watersports

Black - Heavy SM

Apricot - Chubby

Rust - Cowboy

Silver - Electro Play

Purple - Piercing

Coral - Feet

Gold - Two looking for one / One looking for two.

Peach - Bears

Sometimes a specific object is worn instead of a hanky in order to display the interest.  Here are a few examples.

Doily - Tearoom Top / Bottom

Cocktail Napkin - Bartender / Barfly

Jockstrap - Into Jockstraps

Baseball Cap - Coach / Jock

Dog Collar - Dog Trainer / Dog

Chain Collar - Master looking for slave / slave looking for Master

Mosquito Netting - Outdoor sex

Handywipe - Motor Oil Massages

Saran Wrap - Mummification
Kleenex - Stinks / Sniffs

Kewpie Doll - Chicken / Chickenhawk

Teddy Bear - Cuddling

What interests me in the hanky code is the wide variety of fetishes out there and what was considered their appropriate color in order to represent them properly.  Someone had to think up a way of portraying a specific sexual kink in a simple object and then decide what colors could be closely associated with that fetish all while being subtle and not catching the immediate attention of people who may have negative, if not violent, opposition to homosexuality and fetish.

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