Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gear Night at Pistons

(Original Post Date: June 19th, 2010)

Had the pleasure of attending a gear night tonight at Pistons with my gear buddy.

They were hosting an event, Cum Get Your Daddy I believe,  Plenty of older gentlemen in gear in the back yard, plus a fun drawing and prizes.  I was lucky enough to win a Pistons Bar t-shirt in the second round.  Then afterwards they held a brief daddy auction with only three men on the block, one I would have loved to win as he offered a massage, and with my tension, I needed it! However when it comes to bidding I'm a bit shy, but luckily for me I did get to speak with him throughout the night.  Funny thing, he even asked me to GOM (glove over mouth) him with my leather gloves, and he loved it. ;)

Now I'm not one who's normally into bears (larger, hairy men) or daddies (older gentlemen over the age of...let's say 50) but the man who asked me to glove his mouth was attractive.  I was able to hug and caress the back of his head with my gloved hands and since he got such a thrill out of it, so did I.  I enjoy making other people happy that way, through simple touching, hugs or just a quick kiss.

Also, being the youngest one there, during the contest I won the shirt in I walked inside the bar to exchange the shirt I won for a medium size, and as I walk back in I hear the man hosting the event joked "There are no chickens here! The closest thing to a chicken just walked out!" Which flattered and amused me immensely! (Chicken is a term for young guys as the opposite of a Chicken is a Chicken Hawk, an older man who is interested in significantly younger men.)

I enjoy going to that bar,  just wish I could go more often.

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