Tuesday, November 2, 2010


(Original Post Date: May 2nd, 2010)

Last night I attended Avatorium with a close friend of mine.

It was a three story dungeon space rented out by the gentlemen of the Avatar club in Los Angeles.  Various different rooms all containing different pieces for fetish play.  The bottom floor was equipped with a bondage bar attached to a motor, so it could be raised and lowered as needed,  along with a large cage, some bondage chairs, and general iron frames and two slings.  Upstairs on the second floor was a large bed, a shower and a toilet.  The third floor had more bondage and cage equipment, along with a suspended bed and other various equipment.  The space was also stocked with plenty of cleaning supplies for wiping down play areas, and safe sex supplies.

The evening started off with a bang, well to be more precise, a whip snap.  As I entered the space to sign in, I was startled by the loud snap of a bullwhip, the gentlemen at the door joked and said "Don't worry, you're next.".  Upon entering the first floor area, I was greeted with the sight of an older man in leather gear and bleachers (jeans with bleached splotches, generally associated with the skinhead scene, and not the racist skinheads you're thinking of, but more on that scene later on) taking a whip to a naked man standing bound to a bondage frame.  He would switch around his routine, lightly whipping the man's back here and there, then switch to flicking him with the tip, and finally just cracking the whip loudly on the floor. 

Periodically he would stop and hold his captive from behind, gently rubbing and hugging him sensually, before returning to the routine.  After watching for a while I noticed a man bound to a table behind the bondage frame, blindfolded, gagged, and tied down with ropes all along his body.  He was being massaged and orally pleasured by another man.

Watching both men being either whipped or tied instilled a feeling of romantic peace the longer I viewed.  The dim light coupled with the soft music in the air gave the dark place a sensual yet forbidden look and feel, which only just excited and interested me more.

Roaming upstairs I found the "blue bedroom", a bed covered in plastic wrap lit by a single blue bulb located next to a bathroom with an open shower, and then looking further upstairs I found a room that was much more warm and inviting, attached to what seemed to be a doctor's office room.  Soft carpet and various bondage chairs and couches were set up around the perimeter, and in the center, Michael O'Connor (See: the Industrial Rubber Bondage entry) was setting up for another display of "Boi in a Bubble". 

Passing through a darkened room which seemed to be set up like a makeup studio, I found the suspended bed.  A man was tied down to it, receiving CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) with clothespins, as well as electro play from a member of the Avatar community.  The room was equipped with a small stereo and color display that was synchronized with the hypnotic music.  Colors were thrown onto the wall in very sporadic and spastic ways, in tandem with the music, giving the room a very seductive air.

Walking through the suspension room, I entered another bedroom, this one with a bondage bed with a canopy.  It was being used by a gentleman who had tied down a submissive and was performing sounding on him.  From what I viewed, he had inserted a metal rod into the opening of the submissive's penis down into the urethra.  Watching for only a short time, I was not entirely interested in viewing for much longer, and soon left.  I wandered back to the staircase and found two young men, the dominant binding his submissive's hands to the rising bondage bar and proceeding to flog him.  I sat upon the stairs and watched as this display continued for a while, much like the display from the start of the event, the dominant would flog for a while, and then break to hold and caress his submissive.

Later that evening I spoke with the man who was performing electro play upon the man on the suspended bed, and we spoke at length about the electro stimulus fetish.  He invited me to try it out, to which I happily agreed.  I removed all but my briefs and sat on the suspended bed, he placed two pads on my thighs and then turned the controls to me.  The tool he had was an old machine from the 1950's sold to housewives in the hopes that it would reduce weight through muscle stimulation.  Needless to say it didn't, but that didn't stop us from using it for other more delightful purposes.  My new electro mentor told me that he preferred to give new subjects the controls in order for them to introduce themselves, and each time he's found that they take themselves much further than he would if he was in control of the level of intensity.  It actually felt very soothing, a buzzing sensation under my skin and in my muscles that pulsed in a fixed manner, I slowly took the intensity about half way to maximum before I felt I was at my limit.  Then he showed me how I could reverse the polarity, and upon doing so the feeling changed from a pulse that was dedicated to one small area, to the pulse going through the length of my muscles in my legs. 

My mentor then placed two additional pads on the underside of my thighs, and again gave me the controls.  The added pulse from a different source wasn't as noticeable, as the initial pads, most likely due to the polarities being the same.  Upon asking him if the feeling would change or if it was dangerous to use two different polarities so close to one another, he replied that I should try it myself.

Being cautious, I slowly changed the second pair's polarity to the first pair's opposite.  At once it felt as if someone was lightly pinching a nerve located below my scrotum, I quickly turned it back to the original polarity and never did it again.

We sat there and talked at length about the fetish I was currently enjoying before friends of his and my friend entered the room and joined us, as I sat in my briefs upon the suspended bed, enjoying my legs being massaged by electricity, and having other attendees wander in and out of the room.

Before I knew it the event was coming close to being over, much to my disappointment.  However, during the conversation the subject of flogging had arisen and I was invited to be introduced to that as well by a different member of Avatar.  I traveled downstairs and met with him, who explained that flogging can be very intense (as the same man from before loudly cracking his whip on the floor, showing it off) or a very sensual experience.  I admitted that I was very nervous to try this, seeing pictures of men with red marks all over their backs and hearing the moans and soft screams of the submissives in the vicinity as their flesh was struck.  He reassured me that those instances were of intense flogging play and that the sensual flogging was much different.

I was instructed to remove my top clothing and place my hands against the nearby wall, as my flogging mentor went through several different types of flogs, going from a light flogger to a heavier one each time.  The feeling was surprisingly relaxing, feeling the leather slapping my back was gently intense, and then after he had flogged me for a short while, he would run his hands and fingers up and down the flogged area, sending a tingling shiver up my back.  However some floggers were more intense than others, two of which bit at my skin with a sting that was nothing close to pleasurable, but it still intrigued me.

Unfortunately the night came to a close, and the light in the main floor was lit brighter, akin to a sunrise, signaling the event was already over, and for participants to finish and clean up after themselves.

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