Friday, November 10, 2017

Wolf Seed

March 10th, 2017

Tonight B and I finally had what he and I desired for so long: A deep meaningful raw fuck and breeding!

We had each gotten tested earlier that afternoon and upon our expected mutual negative test results, we celebrated by making our way to his bedroom. After tearing off our clothes, I started down his beautiful, slender naked body with my lips, until I came to his throbbing and eager cock, I devoured it hungrily.

Grabbing the anal-eze, I slathered his member and my hole thick with the lubricant.  I didn't want an ounce of friction between us as he belonged inside of me!

I guided him to my foxhole and lowered myself on top of him, my eyes closing in blissful ecstasy as his wonderful cock filled my void! I could see us both in our beastly forms, he lay back upon the bed as a tall, furry werewolf, I rode upon his huge member as his lustful fox boytoy.  I begged for it to go deeper, our mutual moans and grunts in the air, claws digging into the bedding, primal urges released, growls, snarls, gasping, then pulsing, throbbing! He roared as he pumped his warm, thick seed into me!  I moaned my gratitude as I accepted it and every drop of him!

We kissed deeply and basked in  our afterglow, I was so very happy!

B is the first man I have ever had breed me, after Cockpit of course.  He is beautiful in so many ways, he is very generous, and encourages me to have fun with other men as he watches, cooks delightful meals, shares his bed, mind, and body.  He’s even surprised me with meaningful gifts during my visit.

He’s genuine nerdy boyfriend material, and I aim to keep this one.

Play Safe Dear Reader