Thursday, July 13, 2017

Geeks of a Feather

September 29th, 2016

The very handsome "B" picked me up from the house and drives me up to his place in Irvine. Along the way we immediately match wavelengths on topics like Tumblr, “Bob’s Burgers”, and other fun internet nonsense. When we arrive at his garage we didn’t hesitate to enjoy our first kisses. We headed up to his apartment which was such a refreshing surprise, as he is just as meticulously tidy as my puppy Cockpit, with the wonderful added bonus of having an eye for unique gamer style in his decor.

We headed in for a shower and I gave him the most romantic and loving cleansing experience, many hugs and holding each other under the warm waters, fragrant soaps and lather slicking up our bodies.

We dried ourselves and slipped into his bed to cuddle, warm embraces turned to him giving me a lovely backrub. I simply melt when a man has good hands and I was instantly a puddle in his paws. He worked his way downward and then his tongue began to caress my ass. I relaxed and welcomed him, and he made me feel absolutely incredible. Gasps and moans of ecstasy escaped my lips along with wide grins and breathy gratitude. He knew what he was doing and he loved it.

We settled back into cuddling and started talking about our favorite fetishes. He confided in me that one of his bondage fantasies included him being aggressively stripped naked, tied to a post, and being victim to a line of brutal orcs who use him as their slut toy until each one had brutally rammed and filled his hole with their cum. I told him I loved his fantasy, as well as bondage, slave servants, boot lickers, and cocksuckers. At this he went down on me and displayed his great skill at sucking dick!

He came back into my arms where I looked him in those beautiful eyes and said I’d be more than happy to figure out how to make his orc fantasy come true, and even go so far as to dress as one to really make the fantasy a reality. He was so elated that he went back down on my cock with three times the gusto as before! Once he was back up I gripped his dick and told him what I wanted to do to him. I wanted to go to the bar in full leather, with him on my leash in nothing but his boots, jockstrap, and harness. I’d tie him to the chain web and hang a sign on him reading “boy toy, free to play” then stand back and watch my friends play with him however they wished.

"B" began to moan and told me he was going to cum, I jerked him more and made him shoot a magnificent load! I smiled and let him bask in his afterglow as I cleaned up his beautiful body, I then lay with him until he told me he wished for me to cum too. I grinned wickedly, grabbed his face and pulled him into a deep aggressive make out, stroking my manhood furiously until I erupted with his tongue in my mouth, much to our mutual satisfaction. I wiped down and we dressed to go to dinner at a sushi bar. Our meal was delightful, discussing video games and Native American mythology, we then moved to have dessert at After Hours several stores over before heading back to my place so I could grab an overnight bag. Back at "B"’s, we hopped into bed, cuddled, and watched Lore videos before turning in for the night. In the middle of the night he got on top of me and rode my crotch until he shot his load again thanks to me jerking his sweet dick. He dismounted, wiped off, and went back to bed.

In the morning after a long sleepless night due to my sore neck, we woke up, cuddled, showered, and I stroked him off until he shot again bringing the score up to 3 consecutive orgasms in a single date. We cleaned up, dressed, and he drove me home.

"B", you’re so delicious, I can’t wait to make you my boy toy again very, very soon!

Play Safe Dear Reader.