Friday, July 7, 2017

Voyeur to Consensual Abuse

September 24th, 2016

This afternoon James and I made a trip up to Master Mike’s house. Prior to setting out, James was packing some interesting gear, including a pair of bright orange prison uniforms, so I knew that today was going to be quite enjoyable!

When we arrived, Master Mike greeted us in his garage already geared up in his motorcop uniform, boots, paneled leather gauntlet gloves, leather jacket, and his patrol helmet! Quite the woof! He led us inside and we changed into the prison uniforms. I’d never worn one before, so it was quite the different feeling I received when I saw myself in the mirror. An excited anxiety of sorts, bashfulness perhaps. It was the exact opposite of who I was as a person, I wasn’t a criminal by any means, and I had a healthy fear of being on the wrong side of the law, so seeing myself in a prisoner’s garb, even in sexual roleplay, was a bit scary.

When ready, I went into the rec room where Master Mike was already harshly verbally abusing James, and the look on his face showed clear signs James was enjoying it. Then Master Mike turned his attention to me, his tone and demeanor flipped to a soft, warm, and loving tone. I found myself collared in a leather, multiple D-ring collar, and my subspace veil came down around me once it was buckled comfortably around my neck. Master then had us both lick and worship his beautiful black leather boots, all while stroking me with loving, soothing praise and slapping James with beratement.

Soon I was bound in cuffs, and Master loved on me gently before he put me in a leather gimp hood and roped me into blissful helpless bondage. He placed me comfortably upon a soft dog bed and allowed me to melt into my wonderful predicament. I was then a content and curious voyeur to his abuse of James. Master put a piss funnel gasmask on James’ face, bound him in handcuffs, and then poured beer down the funnel. It was a sight I’d wanted to see for years, how a funnel gag worked, as I’ve wanted to try it but was always nervous to ask. Master poured half the bottle down the funnel, James drank it obediently, sputtering at times and some drops would spray upward, then once it was finished Master emptied the remainder. It made me scoot closer to see, like a curious puppy I watched very intently so I didn’t miss a thing! I remember my heart beating faster, like the first time I ever saw piss play back during my trip to Las Vegas, it was that same intrigue and nervous desire to try something new!

Master Mike then turned his attention to me, smiling warmly. Eager to please him, I scooted closer and presented my crotch to him so he could use it as a boot rest. From this comfortable position I watched as he doused a paper towel with poppers and placed it in the gas mask’s air intake  soon James was blissfully looped out of his mind. All the while, I was receiving firm yet gentle pressure from underneath Master’s boot! He then began to make out with me, praising James as his faggot, and me as his sexy fox, more making out, and he took me into his arms until I nodded off.

James came out of his poppers haze and asked permission to control me as well. Permission granted. Master Mike put me on the floor, hooded me again, cuffed me, and put his boot on me. A short time afterward I asked if I could get closer to them, my wish granted I was placed on the futon and Master Mike ordered James to fetch the massage wand. Master Mike made out with me as James used the wand on my crotch, both of them attempted to stroke me to climax, I was so horny and just aching for release, but the damn wand was just too distracting for me to finish! Finally at long last the wand was removed, James stuck his gloved fingers in my mouth for me to worship as Master Mike stroked and pumped my manhood. I erupted in a massive load of cum from my exhausted member, to which James remarked “It’s about damn time!”

You’re telling me, buddy…

I lay there, paralyzed in pleasure until I was wiped down, and I faded out. When I came around, we headed upstairs and watched a movie, still in our gear. It was quite an enjoyable visit, and I look forward to my next imprisonment!

Play Safe Dear Reader!