Thursday, April 13, 2017

Getting Outdoorsy With It

August 22nd, 2016

I met Bennett online and connected with him very easily, and after pleasant conversation we decided to meet at the local mall to grab a coffee and a walking chat to get to know each other.  We had a good deal in common in our mutual nerdy interests of video games and pop culture so we decided to rendezvous later this evening.

Around 10:00pm he arrived to pick me up, and after a lovely little makeout in the car we drove off towards a place I had my curiosities about.  Living with people makes it difficult to have guests, and living in Southern California, or the Great Suburban Wastelands as I like to deprecate it, makes it impossible to find a place to have some private time with someone you enjoy.  Parks are constantly fenced and locked at night because no city between Long Beach and San Diego believes that life continues after 8pm, not that you'd get away with more than hand holding and a secret smooch on the cheek, lest someone clutch their pearls and faint into the pile of shit they let their poor, neurotic MinPin squeeze out on their rival neighbor's lawn.

I'm terribly sorry, where was I?  Right, the incredible sex we had.

We arrived at our destination and found a very dark back road completely hidden from any view lest you were a voyeuristic hawk hovering over it, we could hear the quiet sounds of a stream nearby behind the tall bushes that lined either side of the service road.  We found a decent spot and resumed making out, deeply kissing and melting into each other as well as the darkness that shrouded us.  He smiled and got to his knees, unbuckled my pants and pulled them down excitedly.  I slid on a rubber and lubed up my manhood, anxiously looking around, he teased his sweet ass with my tip before pulling me inside of him.

My eyes rolled back and closed in ecstasy. He was so soft and warm! I would have enjoyed him so much more if I wasn't being paranoid and focusing on every rustle and twig snap, holding my breath and such.  Regardless of my phobia for getting into trouble, this outdoor fuck was amazing!

We changed positions, I had him lay down on the road and I fucked him on his stomach.  He moaned and told me beautiful things like how he was now my fuckboy, calling me "daddy", how he would live for my cock, and how much he loved me inside of him!  Meanwhile I was trapped in an orgasm limbo, so close yet so far away! Despite the frustration, it was so exciting!

Exhausted and sweaty I pulled out of his beautiful boyhole, helped him up off the street, kissed him deeply, and then became confused when I went to get rid of the condom.  It wasn't on my dick anymore, and looking around it wasn't on the street.  I burst out laughing with him when we discovered it was still up his ass! Damn boy! Nice muscle control!  We made out again and I ordered my new fuckboy to cum, I jerked him off and made him shoot his load into the road to mark our first fuckdate spot.  He sprayed the asphalt very well!

From there we cleaned up and took our garbage with us because leaving your trash behind, especially a used condom, is just classless and vile. We headed over to a local shopping plaza to enjoy some "Pokémon Go" together with equally geeky conversation and laughs, followed by a late dinner at Cane's Chicken Fingers.  As we ate in the car I laughed and said it was easily the nerdiest fuckdate I'd ever been on, and he agreed.  After dinner, we continued our "Pokémon Go" hunt to an open park.

We walked about the park, having a great time together, going up and down the steep amphitheater there, and enjoying the night silence lit by the blinding overhead lamps. At one point before we left for home he looked at me, smiled, then told me he could still feel me inside of him and how much he loved it!  I could feel myself blushing as I replied how much a pleasure it was to make him feel so wonderful.

He dropped me off at my place around 1:00am, and we kissed our goodbyes.  I watched him drive away and smiled to myself.  A nice new fuckboy, and so pleasant too.

Play Safe Dear Reader.