Saturday, April 8, 2017

Messing up a Mud Loving Cowboy

August 14th, 2016

I met with Frank online on a website for men who love to get messy with mud and sink in quicksand, (and I invite you to check them out at "DeepSinkingGuyz") and we talked at great length about our deep mutual interests in cowboys, rolling around in the mud, and of course sinking in quicksand as well as more exciting kinky ideas.  It didn't take long to designate a meet and coordinate each other's sexy gear.

This morning I stepped out of my house in my black cowboy hat, black shirt, new pair of Wrangler jeans, western belt, and my new black Ariat cowboy boots. My jeans wrapped and stuffed inside of course, because how else are you going to show your appreciation for fine boots like these?

I walked outside and a beautiful white pickup truck drove up to the driveway and stopped.  Out stepped a man in a white cowboy hat, red plaid button down shirt, blue jeans, brown leather belt, and sporting a pair of sexy, deep brown leather, square toe cowboy boots.  The hat brim lifted to reveal Frank's handsome face, complete with beaming smile and a pair of dark hazel eyes that melted my heart immediately.  He hugged me and the moment I was wrapped in his arms my spirit shot over the moon.

We hopped in his huge truck and before he can even reach for the keys I told him I wanted to make good on my promise that we spoke about in our online conversations, as I'm a man of my word, I tossed my hat to the dashboard and move in for the kiss, but he's already at the finish line waiting for me and pulls me in first!  Our lips meet and there is a passionate frenzy of deep kissing, like a flooding rain on the ancient, dry earth of two parched hearts.

When we finally parted, I actually felt dizzy and saw stars! Once both our boots were on the ground again, we drove off to lunch.  Seated in a Taiwanese cafe, we had long, excited conversations like two best friends who hadn't seen each other in ages meeting for the first time, over a delightful lunch that he so generously treated me to.  On our way back to his truck he leaned in and asked if I was interested in getting a hotel room somewhere.  My heart skipped and I nearly lost all feeling in my legs!  He was indeed serious!  I humbly and eagerly accepted his offer, and he followed up with a suggestion of grabbing some booze to make things a bit more fun.  At this point I was having an extremely difficult time not ravaging him in the parking lot.

While we were looking at our options in the supermarket I took a moment to watch him from a distance as he browsed the beers.  As I admired all the different little aspects of him, thoughts of just how wonderful it would be to call this hunky dream cowboy my boyfriend quietly stepped into my mind.  A word I hadn't thought of in a long time, boyfriend, it'd been years since my last and my thoughts had flown elsewhere for the Winter.

Frank and I decided on three cheap bottles of sake, and before we headed to the cashier I suggested we grab some lubricant and condoms and he agreed with a smile.  Before we reached the checkout he stopped me and bashfully asked if I didn't mind waiting by the truck while he paid for the supplies.  I was grateful for his generosity and inquired if anything was wrong.  He replied he was quite shy and it was a bit too much for him to have the clerk rang up booze and sex stuff with me standing next to him.  I thought it was all too adorable, so I thanked him again for his continuous generosity and made my way back to his truck.

Leaning against the passenger side door, phone in hand, I looked up just as he was walking out across the parking lot.  It was as if my memory was shot in slow motion, watching this sexy cowboy gentleman making his way towards me, carrying a bag of drinks and condoms, smiling that beaming, pure smile of his.  My heart throbbed in my chest, and sighed at the fantasy of calling him my lover.  We jumped back in his truck like a pair of teens up to no good, and getting riled up that we weren't getting caught!  We couldn't keep from kissing up a storm before finally heading off to a hotel.

Now here I had it in my head that we would find a cheap place for a night, so imagine my surprise when we pull into the parking lot of a Marriott, and he follows up with a casual reference to his hotel points.  I have to keep this one, there just is no denying it being foolish to let him get away.  As we walk inside the lobby, he bashfully asks me to make myself comfortable, and recognizing the red in his cheeks, I smile knowingly and go have a seat.

I empathize with him very much, I remember being super shy about who I was and what I liked, and thankfully I grew out of that and boldly embraced it all.  I'm determined to stand by him as he pushes through his own walls.  He's a good one, an authentic man, none of those boys made up of layers of false fronts which hide sensitive cores whom I had encountered here in California.  He's honest about his feelings, and one of my turn ons is tactful honesty, as well as manners, respect, and intelligence.  This one's playing with a full hand.

Soon we were at our room, the plastic bag of supplies was casually tossed onto the dresser, hats put on the bed, and our lusty hearts collided in a glorious full on, no holds barred, anything goes, make out!  Our bodies fell upon the bed and our lustful paradise continued in intense passion!  He told me we needed to get my boots off, he got up, flipped me over on my back, then pushed his crotch into my boot soles.  FUCK. YES.  He then pulled them off and proceeded to rub my feet.  I LOVE YOU. He pulls off my shirt and then his own.  He just keeps becoming more, and more beautiful.

As I see him reach for his own boots, I quickly intervene and insist that it's my turn now, a wicked grin on my lips.  I get him on his back on the bed and gaze at the wondrous sight before me.  He's a jock dream boat, he's the embodiment of the boys I lusted after in high school in the form of a grown and handsome man.  I hastily shoved my crotch into his boot soles good and hard, thrusting a bit and enjoying every ounce of pressure on my groin with lustful abandon before pulling it off his foot.  I turned the shaft to my nose and inhale deeply...his feet were simply masculinity defined in a song written for olfactory expression.  I did my best to keep my balance as my head was swimming in bliss, as well as keep eye contact as I licked his boot from toe to shaft, watching his smile widen with excitement.

Sitting down I worked over his foot at full effort, milking moans of relief and pleasure from his lips.  I then moved on to his other boot, caressing the leather in my crotch, pulling it off to worship his scent deep inside the dark brown shaft, licked it to show my admiration, and went right to work on his beautiful foot!

Eventually he was able to say that it was time for the booze and celebrate our new friendship, he pours our drinks, we toast to us and new adventures, then trade fantasies and kinky stories.  Lo and behold, the young gentleman dreams of getting gunged and messy with another man! What grand fortune smiled upon me today!  "Let's do it! I'm all about making kinky dreams come true, and I want to make you  so incredibly happy!" I exclaimed.  He's thrilled, we make out to celebrate our decision, don our clothes once more and head back to the supermarket.

We grab a pair of pudding tubs, bottles of drinking yogurt, one half of a cake, and a pie.  He absolutely insists on treating me again, and I once more express my deep gratitude to his generosity.  We return to the hotel and park, and I get a wild and mischievous idea, as my fox nature is in full throttle at this point.  I make sure the coast is clear and tell him that I'd totally lick his boots if he ordered me to.  He's in disbelief, but then goes along with it.  "Okay, lick my boots." he orders, "Yes, Sir!" I answer with a grin, I drop down to the asphalt and worship his right boot, then his left in eager submissive style.  I then pop back up and meet his excited, if not giddy smile!  We are totally having so much fun on the same level.

Back up at the room the door barely has time to shut before we're making out again!  We literally cannot keep our hands off of each other!  More sake is poured, more talk is conversed, and soon he's on his knees, yanking down my pants and worshipping my manhood!  Oh he was born to fly, and these wings of his are amazing!  Somehow my own greedy paws found themselves in his pants, and my eyes went wide.  He was packing serious heat and that was no shotgun in his underwear! I pulled him up and fell to my own knees, we tore off his jeans and revealed he was wearing some fantastic underwear, his beautiful ass framed in it like the work of art it was, as well as his HUGE bulge!  I gnawed on it as if it were to be my final meal before I pulled down the last barrier between me and his...

...oh my god...

...dear sweet universe it was just beautiful.  

I wanted it inside of me. Every inch of his manhood. Drool flooded my mouth at the sight of it.  I expressed my starving desire for him and his member by licking every side of his shaft to make sure he understood me.

Somehow we got our supplies into the bathroom, and I prepped the tub with hot water.  He opened his tub of pudding and I stopped him before he could toss the plastic seal and smear it on my cheek.  He gets the idea immediately, and licks it off my face.  I shivered in lust.  He smears the other pudding seal on his own cheek, and I go for a very slow, loving lick.  He's giddy as hell, loving every second!  With everything ready, he goes first, as it's his fantasy I'm making a reality I don't want to torture him another moment without it!  His gunge menu is tapioca pudding, peach yogurt, and lemon meringue pie.  I did my best to balance the flavors to be as appetizing as possible as well as textures to be just as erotically enjoyable!  I gaze at his naked form in the tub, and my heart lets slip a sigh of admiration, he's just so beautiful!

I raised his pudding tub over him and slowly and precisely dumped it out over him in order to get the best coverage areas.  He shivers and moans with that winning smile, I then get down on my knees and smear it all over him, he's in ultimate bliss, and so am I!  I reach for the yogurt drink and gently pour it over his pudding-slopped chest.  He looks so beautiful as a mess!  I get into the tub with him gliding up his chest, lapping at the sweet and tart mixture, I feel him shiver again in delight!  Time for dessert!  I open up the lemon meringue pie, guide the pastry out of its plastic shell, and one breathy "ready?" later, followed by his grinning nod, I mash it furiously into his face!  The sound of it smashing into him was enough to make my cock jump!  I smear it everywhere!  I grab a handful and use it to mess up his gorgeous cock!  He's so fucking turned on now!  I lick and slurp up lines of the mess off his body, the wonderful flavors mixing in my mouth, and then I can't resist anymore!

I gaze at his wonderful manhood, dripping with precum, covered in pudding, yogurt, and pie, and I devour it!  I worshipped it like it would give me eternal youth with this beautiful man! He's erupting with moans of purest bliss and ecstasy! He shivers!  He tries to tell me something between his gasps, when suddenly a warm burst of cum explodes in my mouth!  I took my greedy maw off his dick, and he's still climaxing and shooting his warm seed!  I wanted that all over my face so bad!

We lay in the tub together, basking in his afterglow, kissing gently, he was so over the moon he could have been glowing if I turned off the lights!  We soon clean up and then swap places...

He preps my menu of chocolate pudding, strawberry yogurt, and half of a German chocolate cake, and starts by glopping the pudding all over my face.  He's still excited and horny, and I'm nothing less than ridiculously turned on!  He grabs my strawberry yogurt and he takes his time, spacing out his pours.  I must admit that a horrible habit of mine is going too fast.  I open my mouth and soon we're playing a scene with me taking his sweet "loads" in my maw.  I'm dreaming of when I can have the real deal!  I take a moment to clean off my eyes so I can see, and the tub is an absolute hot mess!  Hand and ass prints of chocolate pudding mark up the tile walls! It's just hilarious!  I turned my gaze to him, towering over me as a gungeman.  He held the half of the cake in his hand, and with a grin asks "Are you ready, baby?"

An electric shiver of thrill jolts through me.

"Yes, Daddy Frank, I love you!" was my answer.

He shoved that cake firmly into my face! It was incredible!  So flavorful! So sweet! So rich and thick and it was making me so fucking hard!  More messing, smearing, grinning, and fun!  It was quite an amazing experience.

We soon showered off, then cleaned up the bathtub, walls, and curtain as thoroughly as possible so as not to leave a horrible mess for housekeeping.  We then cleaned each other, which is one of my all time favorite parts of a good messy time.  I washed his scalp with love, massaging the shampoo and conditioner slowly, then rub him up with bodywash.  I turned him towards the wall, and embraced him from behind.  I slowly reached down between his legs, and gently washed his manhood.  He melts in my arms, sighing.  I wanted him to know just how much I was in love with him right then and there.

Frank then turned to me and bathed me, his hands feel heavenly, the hands of a cowboy, a gungeman, a mudlover, on my very own naked, wet body.  When he reached under my legs, gently fondling my balls, and stroking my member, my whole body shuddered with the tantalizing and enrapturing reaction to his touch.  As if I could cum at any moment! My heart fell ever deeper for him.

When we finished and exited the bathroom, a sad truth came to pass.  Frank realized what time it was and confessed it was much later than he anticipated it to be, and that we had to take our leave.  I knew he was honest, I just hated this one particular truth and wished it to be a playful lie.  He had quite a long journey ahead of him to return home, he held me, kissed me, looked at me, and all of it told me he wished he could stay as much as I did.  My only regret is that I wasn't able to make love to him, however I was able to make one of his fantasies come true, as well as keep a smile on his lips like he did for me.

I held his strong, masculine hand the whole drive home, smiling warmly.  I had confessed my infatuated love for him several times throughout the day, and promised we would see each other again, come anything from hell and over high water.  He smiled so genuinely, and told me he had an absolute blast and couldn't wait to play again.  I said he could foxnap me to his ranch any day, any time he wanted, and he told me he may have to do so!

I watched with a sigh in my heart as his white pickup truck vanished around the corner, carrying my newest crush away with it before going back inside, throwing myself on my bed, and letting my mind wander from one fantasy to the next filled to the brim with that handsome face of his.

I fully intend to write more about this gentleman in my future.  I just need to figure out how to get my greedy paws on him.

Play Safe Dear Reader.