Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Talk of Aspiring Imprisonment

September 17th, 2016

James picked me up from Tim’s place, we headed out to grab a bite before he drove me over to meet Master Mike at his house where he had his own fun night.

I met the polite and dominant Master Mike in his driveway and made introductions. He then gave us a brief tour of his home then headed upstairs and got comfortable, I got to meet his two adorable little Pekingese. We talked for a bit before he excused himself, when he returned he was wearing a pair of incredible tall, black harness boots, one of my absolute favorite types of boot!

He sat back down and demanded James lick his boots, which he obediently did so. Master Mike then turned to me and, knowing I liked a softer approach, politely and gently invited me to lick his boots as well. I graciously accepted, and happily got on all fours to worship his beautiful boots. It tasted so wonderful, and my mind began to slide comfortably into subspace.

There was more talk of gear interests, submission play, he gently used my crotch as a boot rest, which pleased me greatly. Master Mike then offered me a hood and collar, I eagerly accepted, gripping his boot more firmly in my crotch. Before long I found myself on the floor, bound up in rope, locked in handcuffs, listening to Master Mike in his executioner’s hood tell me of a cage he wanted to keep me in. Locked up, chained up, safe in his playroom, in the warm darkness as his fox prisoner.

I was in Master Mike’s arms, cradled and stroked by this fiercely dominant man who took a very loving embrace of me. Submission to him came easily, as harsh and nasty as he was towards James, much to James’ enjoyment of it, Master Mike was soft and sweet towards me. I truly wanted to be his fox prisoner the more he spoke of it. He went on, describing chains, an orange jumpsuit, fox hood, and tail plug. Eventually I was able to finally burst my load, erupting four days of immense horny pressure shot from my manhood, and I was left to rest upon the floor, unable to even move from severe exhaustion.

I was thrilled to hear yet another friendly voice to be calling me to move to Washington. More love, more intrigue, I simply must make this my destination!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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