Saturday, July 15, 2017

Slave Potential

December 18th, 2016

Wes, whom I met on Recon, and I talked for a month or so online before finally being able to plan a meeting after my move up to Washington. I told him to meet me in a nearby park this evening. I arrived early and was filled with eager excitement. The woods were extremely dark, and my chest tingled with the thrill of meeting a man in the shadows, much like the stories my older kinky friends would tell, there was that air of the forbidden and taboo about it all.

I was only there a few minutes, in full gear, leather Muir cap, jacket, gauntlet gloves, jeans, boots, before I noticed someone else had entered the park. He walked around, entered the woods, then came out towards me. He said nothing, and dropped to his belly and licked my boots before kneeling and greeting me as his Master. I held him close and looked down on him, my happy little slave on his knees. I kissed him deeply before we headed to his car.

We made our way to a bar in town, but stopped at a pet store beforehand first as a joke made by Wes, but I called his bluff and insisted it was a great idea. We did buy two collars, but sadly they were much too large, I just need a leather hole punch to modify them to being wearable.

At the bar we were greeted to a drag show night and a packed bar, so our initial plans of finding a secluded corner for some private talk and booze went on hold. We had a drink, enjoyed some of the show and both enjoyed looking over the hot country boys together before heading out.

On the way home I ordered him back to the park, we got out and headed to some dense shrubs, then ordered him down on his knees, and he proceeded to impress me with his oral skills. He sucked my cock with great gentleness and eagerness. I sat back and took in every bob of his head on my dick in the dark woods. It was forbidden bliss. He then drove me home afterward and we parted ways.

I went to bed thinking up new uses for my new eager slave! So much potential!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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