Friday, September 23, 2016

Fox in a Red Lit Room

June 18th, 2016

Tonight I was the guest of two friends of mine who hold a somewhat regular fisting party in their garage playspace.  I had been staying the weekend for some much-needed time away from home.  This evening once the party had began, I was able to reconnect with the beautiful Nigel, a handsome gentleman I had met at a fisting party a few years prior.  He asked me if I was planning on playing tonight, and I hadn't considered bottoming yet, but the offer excited me so I happily accepted.

One swift shower later, I was in my leather harness, jockstrap, and boots, ready for fun!  We headed into the playroom, a garage converted into a seedy, red-lit, fisting dungeon with plenty of slings and well-stocked supplies.  Nigel ushers me into a sling, my boots in the stirrups, my palms clenching the cold chains, and experiencing that wonderful sensation of being in what feels like my rightful place.  Nigel is a masterful top, taking very good and gentle care of me, opening my hole, ordering me to relax and let him do the work.  I have no idea what he is doing at any given time but he compliments me on my hole being "so convenient" and praises me for my excellent submission as well as my ability to take it all without poppers.  I'm thrilled that my body would be simple and easy to work with, I am a people-pleaser type of guy.

The feeling of being fisted is so intense and powerful, as well as ridiculously horny and erotic as all hell!  Like being fucked, but in a different way, having someone inside of you just is in a class of its own!  At one point he mentioned that he had a total of six fingers inside of me at once!  It blew my fucking mind! Six!? Here I thought I was nowhere near that kind of ability!

We soon got me down, as my hole had reached its limit for funishment, and we then swapped places.  Nigel jumped into the sling, and I gloved and greased him up!  As he had already played earlier in the evening, his hole was already smooth and loosened up quite a bit, he then requested I "be aggressive" and you know I gladly complied with that request!  At first I romanced and teased his lovely hole with slippery gloved fingers before I went all the way inside!  I was met with little resistance, and more encouragement, and soon I was up to my elbow in this gorgeous man's ass!

It was here that I felt his heart beating, not just the pulse, but the actual, throbbing, pumping, beating organ just mere inches away from my fingertips!  I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I was incredibly deep inside of this wonderful person, it felt so personal, so private, so erotic, so special, and the amounts of ecstasy I was giving him just by being present so deeply inside of him made me feel so incredible being the provider.  Our play continued, my gaze upon in face and in his eyes unbroken until he admitted he could endure no more.  I was simply blown away by the entire experience! What a fantastic kink fisting is!

We cleaned up our station in the playroom, wiped down and sanitized what was necessary, picked up and threw away our garbage, then wiped ourselves down and spent some afterglow time together until we wandered into different directions. 

I spent the remainder of the evening talking, flirting, and collecting numbers for future fun, while Nigel spent a good amount of time in the playroom basking in the red light, his moans of ecstasy joining the others from the adjacent slings.  Before he left, I walked Nigel to his car and we talked about him having me over to his own dungeon for some more intimate fun.  My heart leaped!  I accepted at once, and made sure that there was no misunderstanding of my true desire to see him again!

He is so sweet and so lovely a man, I cannot wait to be so deep inside of his beautiful body once more!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Daddy's Dildo Training

June 16th, 2016

Daddy Dave picked me up this evening and we headed out to dinner, immediately laughing and cracking jokes before we pulled into the street.  I really do enjoy my time with this man.  After our meal we headed back to his place and had a lovely conversation with his husband before heading downstairs into the playroom.

After a nice shower he greeted me with a lovely leather collar, once on my neck I sank into blissful subspace.  Next he presented me with a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-package black rubber tank top.  I was honored he would have me break it in.  I love to wear rubber, and I love how the tightness of the material feels against my naked skin, even if it does have an unforgiving friction against my lightly hairy physique (when I neglect to use proper lubricant when putting it on), but the light scent and sleek look it gives me makes it all worth while.  If only it wasn't so delicate and fragile at the same time, I'm terrified of tearing and ruining such expensive gear.

Next, an Israeli-style gas mask was pulled over my face, I fell deeper into subspace and even as I write this I feel a bit more relaxed.  I was guided over to the wonderful sling, past the bed which displayed his very impressive and equally intimidating dildo collection.  Daddy Dave helped me into the cradling embrace of the hard leather bed of his sling, my wrists were restrained above my head to the chains, my ankles placed into the leather strap stirrups, and I was returned to that wonderful feeling of being in my most natural place.  My place as an obedient, well-behaved submissive boy toy.

Daddy Dave looked down on me and smiled, he praised me and made me feel loved and comfortable.  He lubed up my boyhole and proceeded to use several lovely toys on my ass to widen and stretch me.  At times it was difficult, sometimes painful, but I wanted it.  I really wanted my hole to be stronger, more resilient, more flexible, I truly want to be a fisting bottom one day.  After having my forearm up the asses of several men already, and witnessing their descents into orgasmic ecstasy, I eagerly wanted to join them.  I don't wish that it was easier, as this is the fun of the journey there, however I would prefer to be able to do this more often!

I was then offered some poppers, as Daddy Dave enjoys them and is polite enough to ask me first.

(Warning: Seriously, don't force poppers (Amyl nitrite) on anyone, especially first-timers, even if it -is- part of the scene that they want, it's not perfectly safe and could kill someone if you fuck it up.  It deals with changing blood pressure so be sure to read up on it before doing poppers for the first time.  I may be overly cautious, but I'm also still alive.)

At first I refused, but then my thoughts turned to the fact that he would take care of me should something come up, that we spent enough time together for me to know he definitely had my best interests in mind, and he wouldn't do anything to me that he didn't think I could handle.  I also thought that this could be a fun and interesting new venture.  I looked into his eyes, told him I trusted him, and accepted the offer.

He put the bottle up to the intake valve of my gasmask, and I inhaled deeply through my mouth at his suggestion.  I didn't feel any different at first but then came a strong wave of calmness, my face got very warm and tingly, my body then relaxed a great deal and the entire sensation lasted for quite a while.

Daddy Dave then punished me for not committing to my hole-training with the trailer hitch buttplug and 2-headed dildo he had lent to me a while back.  Given my current living situation makes it challenging to do such things with severe lack of privacy, I didn't argue and accepted my punishment.  He proceeded to stretch my hole in many different, painful, and uncomfortable ways, and I submitted with grit teeth and great chagrin.  I needed to be a good boy so badly, it was just so uncomfortable, but I'd submit to it all over again as my duty as a good boy.  Daddy Dave even used an anal speculum to widen my already aching boyhole and then proceeded to use several anal toys during the session.

After a significant amount of ass-training, he decided I had been taught my lesson.  He unbound me and helped me to the bed, exhausted and happy to be of service, I cuddled close to him with his arm around me and we rested in the quiet calm of my aftercare.

(I have mentioned aftercare before, but it bears repeating.  "Aftercare" is the period of time that a top gives the bottom love and affection, cleans the bottom of any blood, applies medicine, re-hydrates, wraps them in a blanket and their arms, offers emotional reassurance, and more.  It's the time where after an intense kink session you "bring them back to earth".  This is incredibly important, so don't skip it!  It can have terrible consequences.)

Once we were ready, I showered off, and Daddy Dave took me home. 

Thank you so much, Sir!  I really enjoyed our evening!  I'm looking forward to resuming my hole training schedule!

Diary Afterthought: That night I had what I believe to be a delayed and negative reaction to the poppers, I couldn't sleep because I could not stop coughing.  I have asthma, which makes it very difficult to be around men who smoke cigarettes, cigars, weed, and which also makes me sensitive to strong smells like body odor and the like.  I had been wary about poppers for some time, because their smell would put me off when I could smell the odor in a room.  Now I feel that even by oral inhalation, I cannot have poppers. Given this was my first time using them, and I inhaled them orally which is uncommon I'm told, may also be factors, but even still I'm not very interested in continuing using them.

If you also have asthma, please think carefully on if you wish to use poppers.

Play Safe Dear Reader