Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Teddy Bear Interrupted

June 5th, 2016

This afternoon I was with my friend Vance and we were on day 2 of 3 of our attendance to Califur 2016, a furry convention held in Southern California, he was very excited as he was debuting the appearance of his brand new fursuit and fursona Rory the Fox.  Vance and I had caught up with some of his friends when I spied a slightly shorter man with the group, dressed in an adorable brown bear onesie, wearing a bear maw face mask.  He was texting by himself, standing slightly away from the main group of us. 

  My fox nature in full swing, fueled by the furry energy and my voraciously hungry libido had me hugging him within moments of spotting him.  I saw how he had separated himself, and I didn't want him feeling ignored, I told him how cute I thought he was, and gave him an extra squeeze.  Well, he was quite cuddly, and huggable, and we traded numbers so we could connect later on.  His name was Ignis.

Sunday afternoon rolls around and I texted him when I had my fill of the fursuit dance competition we were attending to see someone compete as Vance's Rory, as well as another fursuiting friend of ours who was quite sexy and talented in the contest.  We made arrangements to meet in his room and what gear he should wear.  I arrived outside of his room, quite excitedly counting the minutes before he finally opened the door.

He was dressed in a red wrestling singlet, and a bear print balaclava.  I love it when guys look anonymous!  We headed to his bed, cuddled and snuggled close before he took off the mask revealing a shaved head, thick-bearded, CUTE young man! Bingo! Scored a woofy one!  He moved into kissing me, nibbling me, stroking me, and driving this fox absolutely nuts until I blow a massive load!  FUCK it felt GREAT!

However the cum is still wet on my chest when suddenly a keycard can be heard in the door lock, one of his roommates is coming in!  I quickly cover myself with the blanket, and keep it from touching my seed-splattered chest.  His roomie is very polite, and greets us, we return the greeting, and I watch him come into the bedroom and plop down on the bed adjacent.  He opens up a convention program book and flips through the pages, as I scream internally.  I'm not embarrassed, it's that I have this thing where I don't want my first impression to be made while I have cum all over my chest.  Finally he leaves, just as oblivious as when he arrived, and as soon as the room door clicks shut, I looked up at my sexy bear and bust up laughing. 

I excuse myself to the bathroom to finally clean myself off, and return to bed to cuddle with him for a while as we discuss our favorite kinks.  His other roommates return from the dance competition, and we join in on their conversations, joking, talking, laughing and whatnot.  Soon I gather my belongings, thank him for the wonderful time, and bid him and his roommates a lovely remainder of their visit to Califur as I make the most graceful exit as I can.

As I walked down the hotel corridor I smiled to myself, feeling great,  I sincerely hope to see him again, as he made me feel incredible, and he is such a beautiful young man, especially with that rugged beard!  WOOF!

Thank you for such a memorable and delightful time, Ignis.  You make for a beautiful Teddy Bear.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

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