Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Sloppy Intro to Messy Play

February 27th, 2016

This morning I was picked up by a very energetic young man whom I had been talking to on Recon for a short while, and when I say "energetic" what I really mean to express is that someone somewhere was bored in the genetics lab and thought it'd be funny to infuse caffeine with a strand of human DNA.  All joking aside, the boy is very, very sweet, and entirely lovable, I just need an energy drink or seven to be able to keep up with him!

We went for the usual first-meet-coffee-talk, and then came back to my place for some very nice naked cuddling.  He was actually stripped and ready before I even got my boots off!  We hugged and held close, talking about our favorite kinks, fetishes, and fantasies, and he said that he was interested in trying out gunge play after he saw it on my profile and looked it up.

What a wonderful coincidence!  I had two huge restaurant-grade size cans of vanilla pudding and sweetened condensed milk that I had acquired from a fellow gunger a while back that were simply sitting in the pantry getting dusty.  I made a quick check to see if they were still good for use (never use old food, lord knows what kind of nasty in them that you can't see) and we were good to gunge!

I opened up the cans carefully and made sure everything tasted presentable, then we headed into the bathroom for the boy's first mess!  Thankfully I now have a shower with a removable hand-held head, so we warmed up the porcelain tile with scalding hot water before I had the boy lay down his beautiful naked self on the shower floor.

After I held the open can of sweetened condensed milk over him and told him to close his eyes, I took a moment to savor his excited anticipation before I tipped the can forward and layered him in the sweet, thick mess!  Oh how I love that first gasp boys make when they get first contact!  The resulting moan, shiver, and then acceptance of the goop all over their bodies.  He enjoyed every moment of it, slathering it on like sunscreen, even going as far as to shampoo with it!  He said it was everything he had hoped for, and more!

I began to smell an odd scent in the air, it was that smell that was a bit "off", and I hastened to rinse off the boy, thankfully he had already had a good while in the mess so nothing was wasted.  I figured it may as well have been the natural smell of the sweetened condensed milk itself, but it wasn't something to risk getting sick over (plus that just ruins first impressions on kink).

After he was washed off, the boy happily said that he wanted to gunge me back! Hey! Sure thing, my eager little gunge guy!  We swapped spots and I sat on the warm tile and shut my eyes as the last thing I saw was him raising the can of pudding over me.  Moments passed, and I knew he was dragging it on for a little bit before the first cold splatter hit me! Brr! Damn that's chilly! Fuck! But it felt so fucking good, slopping all over my naked body!

Once the can was completely emptied over me, we really got into it.  Kissing, licking, sucking, stroking, and caressing, the sloppy sweet mess all over us both, it was dreamworthy.  This is why I love mess play so much.

A nice, long and thorough hot shower later, I geared up into my leather, he slipped into his singlet, and I collared him.  He instantaneously became much more submissive , it was like night and day with the change in his behavior, his bouncing energy frosted over into calm compliance.  I leashed him and have him lick my boots like a good little boy toy, and took in the sight like a slow drink of brandy.

I love a boy licking my boots, the feel of his tongue through the bootleather, the eager submission, the desire to please me, and their love of the act.  I get pleasure from their pleasure, and so a beautiful cycle of mutual satisfaction starts to swirl between us.

Our visit ended with that, he slipped back into his street clothes and we bid our farewells.  The boy is a real sweetheart, and he has tons of energy to put to so much good use.  He recently contacted me about a new purchase...he tells me he just bought a new puppy tail.  He loves it.

Yeah.  He's a total pup, that was inevitable.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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