Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just a Walk in the Park

November 2nd, 2015

This evening during my stay up in Canada, Cockpit and I geared up for a Puppy Trivia event at a local bar named Junction on Davie St. hosted by one of Cockpit's pup buddies, Pup Figaro.  I know we turned some heads, as I got the feeling that leather and especially puppy gear isn't all that common up north in public.  Of course if you have been reading my blog for a while, or have met me in person you'd know that always gets me more excited to shake a cage or two, along with a polite smile.

Our night went very enjoyably, our waiter Shayne was quite adorable, flirtatious, and not at all afraid of us in full gear, if anything it was refreshing and attractive for him.  Another person we met that night was a man who sat nearby, "D", he kept asking nervous questions about my leather and I could immediately tell he wasn't used to it but very interested in learning, which always makes me even more happy to talk about it.  It's always the nervous and fidgety guys that I like to talk to because I'm all too familiar to that awful gripping intimidation that if you don't conquer you simply lie in bed with a head full of regrets.

After trivia was over, Cockpit headed for home and insisted that I stay behind and have fun.  I kept talking with "D" and it seems like his ex girlfriend flipped a switch somewhere when she was forcing him to sleep with other men as a part of their Dom/sub kink relationship.  Eventually "D" asked "You wanna fuck me, don't you?" I pondered the question, and felt adventurous, agreeing.  That's how we ended up leaving the bar, and walking and talking all the way down to a nearby park.  We found a nice spot hidden away and started things off with a relaxing embrace, he was wound up pretty tight, and I was feeling excitement from the whole situation myself. 

We caressed each other in the cold late night air, groping, feeling around, massaging bulges.  Then he revealed his manhood to me. DAMN was it huge!  Big and meaty!  Woof!  I was impressed!  He slowly jerked off as I gripped him from behind.  I hissed and snarled things into his ear, my arm tight around his neck in a choke hold, affirming my position as who he was serving that night, my other free gloved hand groping and squeezing his ass.  He couldn't hold out any longer!  He shot his load with a loud moan, spraying all over the grass! 

I held him tightly in his afterglow, his body weakened and vulnerable, a wicked grin on my face in the darkness as I praised him.  My mind swimming with excitement at my first little adventure outdoors!  I just helped a man shoot his load in the woods!  How fun!  Definitely a new entry on the fetish list for me.  After he regained his mind and ability to walk, we headed up back towards the bar.  We talked about plans to meet up again, plans to fuck him in a local bath house and make him into a public bitch.  The ideas made me feel alive, of course my first experience in a bath house wasn't at all enjoyable, however I felt that if I had a man to bring with me I would feel much different about it.

About halfway up the hill, we parted ways and said goodnight in front of a 24 hour McDonald's, he promised to contact me soon.  I headed inside and (in full leather gear) ordered a small meal to sop up the booze from earlier, and who should I bump into but none other than Shayne from the bar!  I really love happy coincidences such as this, especially when it involves a beautiful man I have a slight insta-crush on.  He begins the chance meeting by sassing me playfully "So, this is how you feed yourself?"  I returned his fun sarcasm volley with one of my own, and as we talk it's quite obvious we have a mutual attraction.  We grab our food and head out together, sadly we were going in different directions.

I chose to take the chance, and pulled him into a deep kiss, which he accepts happily.  I savor the short moment, making out with a man on the midnight streets of Vancouver.  When we part he gave me his shift for the next evening before saying goodnight.  I then walked back home to Cockpit's apartment, stuffing my face and grinning.  Damn it's good to be a leather fox!

Disappointingly, but as I suspected and expected from a guy I made exciting plans with, I never did see or hear from "D" ever again for the remainder and after my stay up in Canada.  However, Shayne did prove to be a man of his word.  That's for my next post, so for now...

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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