Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Wolf's Blade

June 6th, 2015

Tonight my buddy Mezwolf took me up to Pistons so we could meet up with our dates for the night.  I was incredibly excited to meet with the ever so dashing and handsome Daddy Dave!  Oh man, I've wanted to be his little boy toy ever since I first met him at a leather event I threw a few years ago, during my first year as a titleholder. 

Mez, his date, Daddy Kelly who happened to be bar tending that evening, and myself all hung around the front a bit shooting the shit before Kelly and his plaything for the evening headed out back to the patio.  I wasn't by myself for too long before a tall, clean shaven, and incredibly handsome leather Sir walked in with a shorter man following him closely.  I nodded and smiled wondering who this guy could be, then he smiled knowingly back at me my brain nearly overloaded.

This...THIS was Daddy Dave?!  This tall, beautiful, beefed up muscle leather Sir in tall boots, black pants, leather vest, wristband, Daddy cap...this Adonis was Daddy Dave!  I fell head over boots in boy love all over again! He introduced me to his friend, slave Jonathan, and then had me kneel.

He said "I think I remember promising you something." he then buckled his leather collar on my neck.  I was so happy I was shivering with excitement! He clicked the leash on the collar and shoved the leather handle in my mouth, ordered me to fetch his beer, then walked off to the patio.  I was grinning so wide as I held the leash firmly in my teeth, but careful not to slobber on it. 

Once back at his table, we all had great conversation together, talking, laughing, joking, and really getting to know each other.  At once point Mez dragged his date over to us, who was now dressed in a singlet and had us write things on his bare skin.  Fun stuff!

Daddy Dave then pulled me towards him, and pushed me down to his boots where I eagerly worshipped them as heartfelt and earnestly as possible!  I was so grateful to serve such a beautiful, powerful, and worthy man!  I wanted it to show as much as possible!  I wanted him to have no doubt that I wanted to be his boy toy!  Daddy Dave proceeded to shove my face into his crotch, feeling the power behind his hands, my mouth just a layer of denim away from his manhood, it made my cock throb!  I worshipped his groin like a good boy should!  With reckless abandon!

He pulled me up on my knees then pulled on a pair of leather gloves.  "I think you're going to like this." he said with a smile. "Oh YES Daddy! Thank you Daddy!" came my eager reply!  He slapped my face a few times, I endured it and thanked him, then he smothered me in his leather palms.  It was such bliss!  He aggressively turned me and bent me over my barstool, I knew what was coming and I truly disliked it, but for him I'd let Daddy Dave swat my ass to his heart's content.  They came gently and firmly, I could feel all the eyes of the bar upon me, and I relished in it!

More beer poured, more talk and laughs, more moments of domination until Daddy Dave asked me "Boy, does your mother ever see you shirtless?"  I answered that she does not, he shoved the leash in my mouth and took something out of his pocket.  Something made a snapping sound and I felt a sharp point begin to rake itself across my bare skin.  It was finally happening, he was running the blade of his pocketknife on me.

I was scared into a pleasure terror.  My thoughts turned to the last time I had seen him, a long time ago at the Faultline bar during a beer bust parking lot party.  He sat upon a stool in the middle of the parking lot, running the blade of a hunting knife along the skin of a shivering twink in the embrace of his arms.  It was like seeing a terrified rabbit in the drooling jaws of a wolf.  I had ached to be in that boy's place for ages, and now I finally was!  I was the shivering fox in the wolf's powerful maw, his teeth at my neck.  I stood as still as possible, barely daring to breathe, my eyes welling up with tears of joy as I stared upwards into the red light above.  I was his boy toy at long last, it felt so beautiful.

I was drunk and flying, sunk deeply in adoration, infatuation, and submission to Daddy Dave.  By the end of the night he had me on my knees and I had to work up the courage to ask him if I was to be his kidnapping hostage, or if I was to return home with Mez.  "I'm sorry boy, not tonight, but one evening soon I'll take you home, beat you, piss on you, and fuck you."

My eyes widened, "You'd fuck me, Sir?!" I prayed he wasn't playing a cruel joke.

"Yeah! I'll fuck you!" he said, smiling confidently.  My heart nearly burst as I thanked him, eyes welling up once more.  It was as if multiple fantasies of my deep dreams were coming true one after another!  He pulled me up into his arms, looked me deep in the eyes, and kissed me.

I could have died right there in that incredible moment.

He released me from his collar and bid me goodnight.  I said goodnight to Daddy Dave and slave Jonathan, giving them both my contact and blog cards, promising them a great read of the evening's events from my perspective.  We bid farewell to Kelly and Mez's date.  Once home, I collapsed into bed, smiling and wondering when I would become Daddy Dave's little bitch boy toy once more.

Kidnap me, Daddy Dave...lock me in your dungeon, leash me with heavy chain, run your polished blade across my skin, I'll be your happy little pet fox!

Play Safe Dear Reader.