Monday, August 17, 2015

Dominating My Soldier Slave

April 25th, 2015

My sweet soldier slave Christian came over tonight, we headed out to a very relaxing dinner and reacquainted.  Since he's returned from his tour his life has been incredibly busy, and I completely understand.  Family, friends, home life, career, he's a very hard worker and that's admirable.  Plus he is definitely a slave soldier worth the wait.  I love to look into his beautiful youthful eyes and watch him smile.  It makes me so happy that a strong young man of the army is calling me Master.

We headed back to my place where I ordered him into his uniform and I buckled my collar onto his neck.  Damn it felt so wonderful to own such a beautiful young man!  It felt even better to have him on all fours taking my throbbing cock up his sweet boy hole!  I raged into his ass!  He was MINE!  He belonged to ME! I OWN HIM! He's MY little soldier SLUT! My BITCH! He knew it to be true as well, the moans I milked from him as IS lammed and rammed his ass didn't lie!

As much as I wanted to explode in the warm and tight confines of his soldier boy hole, my cock betrayed me, denying me the pent-up cream bomb building in my balls.  Both of us spent and happy, despite a withheld climax, we cleaned up, cuddled close and made out passionately before falling asleep.  My soldier slave good and close, in my arms where he belonged.  He protected me out on the battlefield, and now I protected him in my small, modest apartment, in my warm bed.

I know not what unspeakable things he or his men and women in uniform saw out there, nor will I ever ask.  They suffer it enough. One of the many reasons I enjoy soldiers in my bed is the calm and peace I want to give them in return for the sacrifices they made for me and many others.

I do have a very close friend, who is invaluable to me, a man with an eternal place in my heart, whom I call my closest and most dearest friend, who suffers PTSD.  He has episodes of sleepwalking, layered nightmares, and I have witnessed this first hand.  I've had to pull him out of nightmares, and even convince his unconscious self back to bed. I do it because I love him, and I can't even fathom what pain he's in, but I want to give him relief.  I'll give him all of my warmth and light and go ice cold and pitch dark for him if it means his pain would cease.

I felt his warmth in my embrace, and I felt safe.  That great feeling of holding onto a man who knows how to fight, wrapping your arms around power, strength, and discipline.  Fuck it's such a turn on.

Sadly the early morning came, and as the sun rose at 5:00 am, so did my beautiful soldier slave. He left with the night sky, and my mind turned to my fantasy.  I dream of a day where we go out to the wilderness, him in full battle uniform and collar, and we have maddening, passionate, howling sex as if they were missions.  To fuck in the desert, the woods, in the back of a M-ATV, on a tank. Orders from top brass say you need to give me your ass, and they expect a full report soldier.  Damn I love my men in uniform, and I'll prove it with every slamming thrust, deep kiss, and whisper of passion in his ears, all accompanied by the sweet sound of his dog tags dangling from his neck.


Play Safe Dear Reader.