Thursday, July 23, 2015

Smooth Muscle Loverboy

February 19th, 2015

This afternoon Joseph, that hunky crossfit boy, came over for some fun.  He talked about some of the stress he'd been having in his life, and as he vented it out I had lead him to the shower and began to bathe him.  I admired and washed his beautiful body as I lent my ear to his woes, once he had finished he was able to relax at last, and we kissed in the waters.

I dried us off and led him back to the bed where we cuddled skin to skin, very closely, my fingers running along his gorgeous body until we dozed off for a short light sleep with each other.  I awoke a little while later and resumed my worship of his muscular form.  Kissing, licking, massaging.  I slipped a condom on his excited member and progressed my worship by sucking down his beautiful manhood.  His moans of ecstasy and pleasure kept me going further to please him.

I smiled and said I wanted him inside me, for him to make love to me again.  I lay down on the bed, clutching the pillows as he positioned himself behind me.  He entered me, smoothly, softly, and as lovingly as our previous time together.  Joseph's style couldn't be called fucking, he's too gentle, too smooth and fluid.  He makes love.  He made wondrous love to me.  He told me how much he loves my hole, how horny I make him.  He makes me feel beautiful and sexy.  Joseph is a wonderful lover.  When he cums I feel a warmth inside me, even his cum is gentle and smooth.  I'd love to taste it someday, and have him shoot his load deep inside of me.

I had him stay inside of me so I could savor him longer.  As we talked through the evening, he mentioned he would love to make this a regular weekly visit.  I think my Thursdays are going to become a lot more fun!

Play Safe Dear Reader.