Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Busy Kinky Evening

January 19th, 2015

Today my sweet teddy bear boy, James came up to have fun and we had quite a little active day together!

First stop was the Crest bar for a bit of their BBQ and a beer.  I met up with my good friend Michael there, and we touched base about a few things, including a hike into the mountains.  You never know what kind of fun can happen in the middle of nowhere, it's a bit of a fantasy I'm looking to live out someday.

From there we headed up to meet the creator of a certain little place called "The Stable", which my friend Joel put me in contact with the owner of.  This gentleman had his own private playspace, and had held a party for one of the kink groups in Los Angeles, and from the cock-hardening description Joel had given me, I had to meet this person, and see his little playground.

We arrived in front of a blank wall with only a faint outline of a door, a display of subtlety I admire.  This really started to feel like an exclusive club that some powerful secret society that were known from those tales woven by conspiracy theorists would meet inside.  I buzzed the doorbell, and we were met by a very handsome man in leather, Daniel.  He invited us inside to the main room, an industrial modern space, couches, a small bar, and lots of masculine sexual decor like gasmasks, motorcycle helmets, and an air that was thick with the words "A kinky bastard made this".

Daniel was an incredible guy, a gentleman (manners are never out of style, and always incredibly sexy), a leatherman, a real kinky man's man. This guy has quite an imagination, and a hoard of ideas that made me envious I hadn't ever thought of them, and slapped me with the harsh truth that I don't even know the first thing about thinking outside the box. He generously showed us around his masterpiece, and I don't just fling that compliment around lightly, he had created a very modern and classy exterior which hid depravity and hypermasculine sexual deviancy in cozy, intimate rooms.  Slings, of course, in every square room, chain link fencing in one, bootblacking chairs in the next, camo netting on the ceiling in another.  Not a large space, but more cozy, a good size for a private, exclusive group to get together and let their inhibitions blow away with the cigar smoke and moans on the wind.

I definitely look forward to having a personal night together with this man, and really getting to know him and his beautifully corrupt imagination!

After thanking him for the tour, my boy James and I headed back to my apartment and changed gear.  I grabbed a bit of rope, and a few hankies, then we headed up to the LA Eagle.  Along the way up I got into contact with Sir John and let him know we were on the way in case he needed to get out of the house and wanted a good excuse.  He met up with us a little bit after James and I had arrived at the bar, and James had grabbed me a drink.

The three of us went into the back bar with the chain spiderweb, and I ordered James to take his shirt off.  I then blindfolded my teddy bear and pushed him up against the web.  Around this point, Sir Jon took the lead, brought out his own ropes to tie and secure the boy to the cold chain web.  I sipped at my drink as I watched Sir Jon had his way with my boy, pinching, slapping, pounding and abusing him in good, old-fashioned sadistic fun.

I was only too happy to lend him my sweet teddy bear, as I love to share my toys with my dear and trusted friends.  I smiled as I began to think of how deliciously steamy it would be to watch my boy get his tender little ass rammed by Sir Daddy Jon in the future, and what beautiful music the boy's moans and screams would make through a gag stuffed in his mouth.

The evening drifted onward as such, and a small audience came and went as we toyed with my dear James.  Public play really draws at my sadistic and playful side, it's the spotlight effect.  Once we were satiated, and the boy released, grinning ear to ear, we packed up and said our goodbyes.  Arriving home at my apartment, I eagerly stripped him naked and had my way with him.  I made good, hard love to his sweet ass.  Aggressively shoving my cock deep into his wonderful boy hole, no waiting, no foreplay, I wanted it right now! A damn fine ramming!  He loves it, as do I when he grunts and gasps his gratitude to Daddy!  I burst inside him, panting.  I collapsed onto his back, both of us sweaty and very happy.

I was grinning all the while, thinking how hot it will be when I can get a group of my close friends together to use him all at once!  My teddy bear likes the idea too!

Play Safe Dear Reader.