Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fox's First Sling Swinger

November 16th, 2014

Last night was something of a lucky chance.  I was asked to join my friends Matthew and Robert for dinner and so I could borrow a book as well as some bandannas that Matthew was saving for me and who should be with them but the hunky daddy who had bought my punker boots from me a while back at one of my events!
  During our meal together I learned that this sexy guy loves to go-go dance and he'd generously give all his tips to the bartenders! What a wonderful person!  He was a lot of fun to talk to, and a great personality to boot.  I was then invited along to join them all on a bar trip and I accepted of course.

We hit the Mineshaft, then the Brit, and then we headed back to Matthew and Robert's place.  I was really feeling the Tequila Sunrises I had earlier and was enjoying a strong buzz.  Mr. Go-Go Dancing Daddy took me to the guest bedroom where he was staying and stripped us down before leading me upstairs.  A sling was set up and awaiting its first occupant, which turned out to be my horny ass.

Daddy M. wasted no time at all getting me comfortable on my back, putting my arms and legs up in the restraints, and lubing up my hole as well as a condom his slid on his dick.  I was genuinely surprised, I hadn't thought this would happen.  It's a bit fast for my personal style, but I loved giving up the control, my hands up, wrists bound, legs in the stirrups, going nowhere, my boyhole exposed, fully vulnerable to my Daddy for the night.

His cock felt incredible when it entered me!  He knew exactly what to do!  It was so amazing, so amazing that I came quite soon after he began!  Fuck!  My first slingfucking only lasted five minutes, but damn it if it wasn't fantastic!  I was wiped down and released, and then Daddy M. got in and Matthew had his turn! Woof! What a sight!

Daddy M. took me into the shower with him, always something I really savor and enjoy, then I had the privilege of sharing the bed with him.  In the morning I awoke and was pleased to be played with for a little bit before a condom was slid on my cock and Daddy M. rode me!  I was beyond thrilled! This was one hell of a lucky chance of meetings! It was so much fun!  I was so close to climax, but I just couldn't bust my wad, no matter how badly I wanted to!

Another fun shower later, we dressed, said farewell to our wonderful hosts, and Daddy M. grabbed breakfast for us both before driving me home.  He'd be an amazing Daddy, but sadly he said he was seeing someone at the time.

Looking forward to seeing him again soon! WOOF!

Play Safe Dear Reader.