Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Dark Fox and the Teddy Bear

October 30th, 2014

This afternoon my boy James came to serve me again and I deeply kissed him hello.  I wasn't quite finished with the game I was in the middle of, so I stripped him down, placed him in a leather jockstrap, collared him, put him in my neoprene hood, bound his hands and feet, then lay him at the foot of the bed, his head resting on a pillow and used him as a footrest until I was finished with the game.

From there I proposed some chores to be completed while I was busy with my own tasks.  I had some sweeping to do, and figured he could help me with some others around the apartment.  When I came back upstairs from my own chore, I was very pleased with what he had done.  Dishes cleaned, carpet vacuumed, and the laundry completed as well.  I was very happy with the boy, and since we were both sweaty it was a good time to get nice and intimate in the shower.

As we rinsed off, the subject of his throatfucking interest came up He really enjoyed the last tonsil pounding I gave him during his previous visit, so I pushed him down to my cock and slammed my manhood into his throat.  Listening to him happily gag on my cock made me really horny, I never thought I'd be into making a man choke on my dick, but there we were!

Once I was satisfied, we finished up, got dressed and made our way out to dinner, dessert, and a quick errand for the night before heading back to my apartment.  Back on the bed, collar around his neck once more, we cuddled and he worshipped my cock like a good boy toy as we thought of our next move, which took us to the Falcon bar nearby for a drink together.  I geared up in full leather and kept my collar on his neck, my teddy bear treated me to a Long Island iced tea and we stood in the corner of the bar together.  I deeply kissed him, my full attention on my boy, kissing him between sips of my cocktail.  I became more and more aggressive, exerting my dominant energy in this public place seemed to exacerbate it,

The cage door to the Dark Fox's lair unlatched, and he sauntered out and took control.  I dominated James with my leather gloves, tightly sealing his mouth with the leather, forcing him into submission, making his heart race and cock throb.  Once the drinks were finished we headed out and back up to my place, I stripped him back down to his leather jock, shoved him on the bed, and with Dark Fox at the helm, we tortured his nipples.  With Dark Fox given free reign, my boy's tortured gasps and grunts of pain turned me on!  He loves it when I get tough and aggressive.

When I felt he had enough, I calmed down, and felt tears pushing forth to well up in my eyes,  I felt this love for this boy , the pride in his progress.  I kissed and soothed his nipples before retrieving some supplies necessary for our next scene.  Soon his bare sweet ass was in the air, hole lubed, my rubber-clad cock dripping with lube and throbbing for my boy.  I entered him and it began.  This was not lovemaking in any sense, this was hardcore, ass-ramming, selfish, aggressive as hell FUCKING. I slammed my dick hard and deep into his hungry boyhole, I slapped his ass, I spat on his back, I barked at him that I wanted to know who was his daddy, and who was my little bitch!  When the energy came to a peak, I let loose with a howl as my cum flooded into him!  He took it all like a true man! A very good boy!

Once I regained enough energy to move, I cleaned my boy up as well as myself, held him closely in the darkness as we both fell asleep in each other's arms.  In the morning, after a pleasant shower, I served James his breakfast, oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar, in a dog bowl on the floor.  I watched him eat it all like a good boy should, and delighted in the fact that he enjoyed it as much as I did watching him.

He let me know just how much he enjoyed me when I was tough and aggressive with him.  A short time later, as I watched his car drive off into the cold of the early morning darkness, his words stayed with me...

"I love it when you're rough with me, Daddy."

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