Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet Releases

October 26th, 2014

This morning my teddy bear boy James met me at my apartment after my shift at work, which was quite awful due to the cage Marc had locked me in the night prior.  The whole morning was a long misery of pinching and aching.  Halfway through work I called Marc and told him I couldn't be locked anymore and I needed out immediately after I was finished with my shift.  Thankfully he arrived just a few minutes after I came home and found James waiting for me.

Once released, the pain vanished instantly and my mood rose several levels. I will not be locked in chastity again, that was terrible.  Once free and saying goodbye to Marc, James and I headed out for an enjoyable lunch and dessert.  When we returned to my bedroom I collared him, and cuddled his warm, beautiful body, so happy to be with such a sexy boy!  He was pleased to be serving Daddy again!  I also placed him in a leather jockstrap, jumped into my own, as well as my studded harness.  I had some fun plans for my boy and told him to load up on water all day with me.

I fetched my neoprene cocksucker's hood and pulled it over his face, tied him up, and gently placed him underneath my desk, his head comfortably resting on some pillows and used him as my warm footrest as I worked on my computer and answered emails. A handsome, bound, helpless boy at my feet as well as some productivity, what a great time!  After I had gotten a good amount written in my diary I took him out from under the desk and brought him to the bed, cracked open some apple ales in the fridge to speed along my surprise.

He soon needed to pee, and it was playtime.  I took off his hood, collar, and restraints, stripped the both of us, and pulled him into the shower.  I knelt down and put his cock in my mouth, smiling I nodded and let him know to just let go.  He filled my mouth four times with his wonderful piss before I just couldn't drink anymore.  I bathed in the rest of his flow, and he loved it as much as I did.  When his stream came to an end, I stood and told him it was my turn.  James knelt like the good boy he is and I gave him my own flow of piss, he obediently drank every drop of it before I had him rise to his feet and made out with him.  He was not only my dear teddy bear boy, but also my piss piggy too.

He knelt down once more and I proceeded to throat fuck him, he told me how much he loved it when I got rough and nasty with him.  He gagged hard, and I kept going, much to his delight and enjoyment.  This pig gets nasty with daddy. We cleaned off once he had enough and returned to bed.

I cuddled my boy a bit before turning down the lights and put on some soft music.  It was time Daddy showed his boy some loving.  I collared him again and laid him down, slid a condom on his dick, and sucked him earnestly.  I worked that cock nice and slow, intentionally, intimately, slurping, sucking, and swallowing his manhood as he moaned and slid into bliss.  He said he was going to cum, I smiled and told him to blow his load for Daddy.  A few passionate minutes more and he gripped the sheets, let out a heartfelt gasp of pleasure, and I felt his cock undulate as he pumped his load of cum into the condom in my mouth.  I cuddled my dear exhausted boy in his afterglow, slid the condom off his cock, and turned him on his stomach.  It was Daddy's turn.

I slid a lubed finger up his tight hole and loosened him up a bit before sliding on my own rubber, lubed it up generously, and entered my eager boy.  His tight ass was perfect, he moaned in ecstasy about how much he loved to serve his Daddy, how much he loved my dick up his ass.  I became hornier and hungrier the more he moaned and the dirtier our talk became.  I made beautiful loving thrusts into his hungry, eager boyhole.  I was getting closer, I turned him on his back so I could look him in the eyes as we continued our lovemaking, and then it all came to a climax!  I blew my load! A hot, grand, tingling load of my cum deep inside of him.

I deeply kissed my beautiful boy and reminded him that his Daddy loved him very much.  We held each other in the afterglow and afterward took a nice relaxing candlelit shower together.  We went to dinner, enjoyed a drink, and then returned home and fell asleep in each other's arms.

He's such a wonderful boytoy.

Play Safe Dear Reader