Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Suburban Piggy Bank

August 7th, 2015

This evening my piggy slave, Bart picked me up for a retry of our plans the previous week, which were interrupted by an unfortunate turn of events thanks to a very ignorant and stupid bigot.

Our night started at dinner out, a small meal of an appetizer and a cocktail, a treat from my little piggy, followed by a little trip to the market for him to pick up a bottle of Moscato and Riesling, as well as a nice little cookie arrangement.  Once at his apartment, when we got out of the car I waited for the garage door to shut before ordering my piggy to set down my groceries, kneel down on his knees.  I told him to tell me just how he felt about serving and obeying my orders.  When he admitted that he was just in love with our whole arrangement, I thanked him and pulled open my fly, ordering him to suck my cock.  FUCK was that hot!

Once inside, we relaxed with wine, sweets, and conversation, starting everything with him licking my boots of course.  A few glasses later we headed upstairs for the real fun.  He stripped down, I leathered up in my gloves, jock, harness, and of course boots, and he resumed worship of my body and leather.  I then flogged him a bit with a small, slappy flogger that he provided.  He enjoyed it immensely and it made me hunger for a real flogger, a heavy one, a flogger with real might behind each throw of the falls. 

Following his flogging he took out a wad of $1's and proceeded to stuff them in my boots, jock, and harness, all the while praising me and telling me how much he loved me.  I felt like a goddamned go-go boy, seeing all the bills sticking out of my gear, it was such a turn on that I was flooding my jock with precum!  When he gave me the last bill, I took it and put it in his mouth, then took it from him with my teeth before kissing him deeply.  I knew he loved that just as much as I did.  I then stood over the bed and had him kneel on the floor next to me and watch as I plucked each bill from my body and counted it, sometimes dragging the bill across his face before placing it on the bed.  I ordered him to stack it for me before I put it away.

As a reward for his generous tribute, I had him lay on the bed face down, spread eagle, and I spanked him with his acrylic paddle for every dollar I received.  We kept going after the grand total until we reached 60 swats, because he's such a good little piggy bank slave!  I decided we should bring the evening to a close and ordered him to massage me for a wonderful while before we got ready for bed.  I tied up my piggy's hands, legs, and feet before wrapping my arms around him and drifting off to sleep.  It's almost like hugging your favorite toy.

In the morning my piggy was so happy to have spent the whole night in his Master's arms and ropes!  We showered and he bathed me very well, like a good slave should, so when it was his turn to soap up, I slicked up a finger and slid it into his ass gently.  I pulled him close and said into his ear that we would work on getting his tight little piggy hole ready to take his Master's cock, as well as drinking my piss.  He was delighted to hear it!

Afterwards we packed up, he served me coffee, and we left.  Once we arrived at my home, I kissed my loyal little piggy slave goodbye, until the next time he would serve me.

He's a very good little pig servant.  Who would have thought I'd find someone like this behind the Orange Curtain?

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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