Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My First Piggy Bank

June 5th, 2015

I have been talking to this man, Bart, at length on Recon about being my pig slave.  After many conversations, we finally met outside my house this evening.  He was intrigued by the realm of financial domination and was finally ready to give it the old college try. 

I had told him a fun, basic, and low-risk way to start out was to take me out for dinner, drinks, then service at his place.  He arrived on time (ALWAYS a good sign), ready to serve me properly, and away we went!

We had a lovely dinner of Thai food at a local place I had my eye on for a brief period, and was pleasantly delighted with it.  As I added the restaurant to my list of places to return to, he obediently picked up the check like a good little piggy.  Next we headed out to Chili's after a bit of difficulty finding a bar in Orange County (seriously, where the fuck are all these minivan soccer moms getting their booze?), and I was finally able to indulge in one of my favorite cocktails, a Long Island Iced Tea.  Again, Bart showed his eagerness to be a good boy by picking up the tab once more.

During dinner and drinks we had great conversation, lots of laughs, and shared arousal each time he pulled out his wallet.  The sight of him taking the submissive role with his head bowed, shoulders bunched as he opened his wallet, and when he held up the money he used to pay the bill with, he added "This is because you are better than me, Sir." Fuck, that was hot.

Once we arrived back at his home I ordered him naked, and collared him with the collar he provided, then he knelt and licked my boots.  He then served as an excellent boot rest as I answered a pile of messages off my phone.  Once that was completed and my mind a bit more at ease I had him eagerly beg to become my cash piggy as well have him tell me what all he found attractive about me, along with repeating the slave mantra which I wrote for him earlier on.  He relished every moment, and it was so wonderful to see him so happy.

He requested the privilege to tribute me, and I was happy to grant it.  He took out a small stack of singles, and stuffed them into my boots and pants pockets as he worshipped and fawned over my body.  I ordered him to place the final tribute in his mouth.  Once he obeyed, I took his chin in my leather gloved hand and looked deeply into his eyes.  I told him how pleased I was with him as well as his wonderful service under me, I then took the final tribute from his mouth with my teeth, pocketed it, and kissed him deeply.  Later on he would tell me he nearly creamed himself right then and there.

Sadly I received a message that interrupted our evening together, and I had to leave for home right away.  When we arrived at my house, my piggy told me how much he loved our evening together.  I was more than pleased to hear it, as now we both found who we were looking for.  I finally had some real time cash play, fulfilled a cash play fantasy of mine, as well as gained a happy little piggy to mold into a slave as I see fit, and he finally found a man he was only too thrilled to serve under!

He's not going anywhere.  This one's real, and I'm not letting him get away, and he's made it clear he doesn't want to go anywhere.

Just a reminder, this is a mutually agreed upon sexual interest with boundaries placed with care and consideration. This is a bonding fetish, something you seed the soil, nurture with trust, and grow with time spent close together.  

This is something we both get aroused by, when he takes out his money and stuffs it into my boots, I get SUCH a rager.  I feel like a goddamn go-go boy!  When he pulls out his credit card to pay for the dinner we both just shared, it makes my dick drip.  I love getting into his head, my fingers on his skull like invasive tree roots, sucking up and drinking away his willpower which he gives to me willingly.

So to the boys out there who want to try submission with this, go slow, go light, see if you like it.  Small steps first, and it's always YOUR money and YOU decide who you want to give it to, and how much is okay.  You always can say no, but don't go stringing someone along, making them think you do.  That's the fastest way to get the ire and loathing of many Cash Play tops in spades.  It's okay to fantasize about it and not do it, but be clear about your intentions first.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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