Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello Mr. Candy Dragon

April 24th, 2015

My friend David paid me a visit this evening and brought along a lovely little bag of fun with him.  Since he works at a location which sells various playthings, he's collected a number of enjoyable toys which he likes to share with friends.

He started our fun with a blindfold around my eyes, and stripping me naked.  He laid me on my stomach and restrained my ankles and wrists in rope, then began to play with my body.  I felt a tingling gel being applied to my manhood followed by a vibrating masturbator, such delight!  After a moan-filled while of teasing, he hogtied me and dripped a warm oil over my back, his warm wet tongue licked it off and then kissed me, filling my mouth with a grape-flavored kiss.

In the darkness of my blindfold my mind went deeper. We both share a subcultural identity as furries, my fursona being an anthropomorphic blue fox, his is a black dragon.  The vision came forth of a large and intimidating black dragon looming over me, his claws tenderly dragging over my fur, scratching my flesh.  He leaned down and drooled a sweet syrup over my helpless form, his tongue lapping it back up and kissing me once more.  A moan bubbled upward from my chest, rising up to my lips, "Thank you Candy Dragon!" escaped in a grateful gasped whisper.

I could feel a smile revealing sets of sharp teeth as he slipped away and then returned a moment later. His gentle claws strapped a ball gag into my maw, I sighed happily then my tongue slathered up against the orb, it was tart and sweet! A gigantic jawbreaker! I had always wanted to try a jawbreaker ball gag! How fun! A while later, the Candy Dragon then released me from my hogtie, gently turned me onto my back, and I felt a thick goop being spread upon my chest.  He removed my jawbreaker gag, and I felt his wet tongue lick my chest before he kissed me deeply.  My tongue was greeted with the sweet taste of Nutella, that wonderful chocolaty hazelnut spread!  This whole experience was so incredible!

The flavorful fun continued! This beautiful Candy Dragon rubbed pumpkin oil into my back during a wonderful massage, he took cotton candy flavor lubricant and wrote "PIG" on my chest, he then lit a scented candle and as he waited for the wick to burn for a while he kissed me deeply with a gentle passion, making his fox prey-toy squirm with pleasure!  He then raised the candle high into the air, the time was perfect, the can was tipped and hot wax spilled from the brim landing on my chest in hot splatters! I yelped! It was startling, but very erotic and it felt incredibly relaxing.  I have always loved wax play, it's such a rare treat for me so each time is excitedly looked forward to!

After more wax was poured over his fox prey, the candle was snuffed out and the Candy Dragon tortured him with more sensuous fun from the vibrating masturbator, enjoying the fox's moans of ecstasy.  Once he was satisfied, the Candy Dragon raked his claws over the fox's chest!  "Thank you Candy Dragon!" he blurted out in a moan.  The fox was flipped onto his stomach, and the Candy Dragon flicked his tongue and drilled into the fox's tailhole, teasing his prey and milking out more moans of pleasure and sexual gratitude from his captive.  The fox couldn't take much more, he was so horny at this point he could erupt at any moment!

The Candy Dragon then removed my blindfold, and he lubed up our manhood, he stroked me, we kissed more and more! More moaning, more passion! Two beasts relishing in our primal desires!  I came to my climax first!  Shooting my pent up ecstasy all over my chest!  As I lay panting, my Candy Dragon burst forth his own load all over his fox prey-toy, covering me in his sticky spunk!

We then lay together and kissed softly, deeply, lovingly.  Soon my mind slowly came back to this realm as we cleaned up, the fox and the dragon melted away under the warm spray of water as we bathed together.  Two furries walked into the shower, and two human men walked out of it.

I sincerely look forward to our next beautiful encounter of deliciously sweet release!

Play Safely Dear Reader.

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