Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Roping him at the Bar

Saturday, September 27th  2014

Tonight I geared up in my leather jacket, leather pants, black cowboy boots and matching hat.  I arrived via the bus to meet my boy for the evening at Pistons bar for their cowboy night "Rukus".

Tonight the bar was very empty, and I was the only guy there in anything close to Western gear.  I put my play bag down on one of the patio benches and waited for him to show up.  When he finally did arrive he was wearing the cowboy boots I had told him which were mandatory to wear tonight along with some simple jeans, and a button down shirt.  I beckoned him over with a finger, he started to apologize for being late, and I shut him up by pulling him into a deep kiss.  I wasn't interested in his excuses.  He melted into my embrace, he was mine now, mine to toy with, to manipulate.

I took my time, slowly making out with this lean and muscular boy with beautiful dark eyes and sweet skin to match.  I no longer cared that we were the only cowboys in the bar.  After our lips parted, I reached over and opened up my red bag.  I drew out two chained lengths of my nylon rope, as well as a red bandanna.  I blindfolded him, then tied his hands above his head to one of the posts nearby, the second length of rope bound his legs to the same post around his shins.  He was now helpless, and deliciously vulnerable.  I made out with my cowboy prisoner a bit before unbuttoning his shirt and revealing a sexy chest covered in thick, black fur!

I continued to molest him until the song "Where have all the cowboys gone?" came over the bar radio.  I smiled and used the music to kiss, thrust, and squeeze all kinds of sweet, sexy noises out of my helpless prey.  Once he was thoroughly tenderized and his head reeling, I released him and we made our way back home.  Back at my apartment I stripped him nude and collared him.  I have the boy a bit of Kahlua and some orders to follow, which he performed quite nicely, earning him the privilege of sliding a flavored condom on my dick and showing me just how good a cocksucker he is.  I was so relaxed by his skill that I actually dozed off several times while he serviced me.

I made damn sure he was rewarded for his hard work, clutching him close to me I jerked his sweet, thick, throbbing cock, which had been drooling precum the entire night.  I worked his meat until he shot a fine load onto his chest along with a submissive moan that put a grin on my lips.  After cleaning the boy off, we bedded down, but the boy just couldn't sleep so he took his leave.  He will return though, those moans said more than just "Thank you, Sir."

Play Safe Dear Reader