Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bottoming for a Boozeslinger

Friday, September 26th, 2014

I just got back from hanging out with a bartender I know.  A while back he had mentioned that he always wanted to fool around with me, and we had tried to connect but issues always got in the way.  Then while later we finally were able to set a time and place to meet, get to know each other more, and headed back to his place to get more friendly, making out and cuddling in the buff.

Today we met again at my favorite coffee shop, and then headed over to his place. After a little conversation over bad but amusing gay films we headed into the bedroom and he ordered my clothes off.  As I stripped he revealed his beautiful tattooed body, and we converged on the bed.  Soft kisses, touching, holding, and he began to dry hump my bare ass as well as slap it with his long, beautiful manhood.

He flipped me over and I looked at his handsome face, and admired his masculine features.  His strong arms held my shoulders, and then he slapped my face with his member.  I couldn't wait to have it inside of me.  I opened up an oral condom and slid the green latex over the erect cock of the hot boozeslinger straddling my chest.  I then went to work on him, sucking, and slurping up the mint flavor off his rubbered dick.  I wanted to please my host, I went as far down that shift as possible, I was hungry to suck and I wanted to go balls deep and feel him inside my throat!

He grunted a bit in pleasure and I thoroughly serviced his manhood.  He then pulled out of my mouth and lubed up his rubbered cock.  It was finally showtime.  He liberally lubricated my hole and he slid in quite easily, the slender shape of his long cock hurt a bit at first but soon became very pleasurable as his full length sheathed itself inside my boyhole.  He pumped himself inside of me, taking every inch of him, he stabbed my insides, fucking me very well.  I wanted his cock so much, I wanted it even deeper, harder, I was starving to get rammed!

He flipped me on his stomach, I pushed my ass to his hips, go deep! Go deeper, baby!  Ride me, cowboy! Please!  I was flipped again and fucked! Thrusted into! Soon he pulled out, ripped the condom off, and blew his hot load on top of me.  Thank you baby!  He politely asked if I desired to blow my own load, but I declined.  All I wanted was to serve him with my body, I didn't even give a thought to myself.  A little afterglow cuddle, and post play cleanup, and we looked at a bit of vintage smut he had stashed away.  Leathermen with those sexy handlebar mustaches, young men nude and pounding each other, dirty magazines he used to jerk to, all very hot.

Our visit soon came to an end after that, he kindly drove me home, and I left with a smile on my face, and an eagerness to see him soon once more.

Play Safe Dear Reader.