Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cuddling the Teddy Bear boy

September 11th, 2014

This afternoon J. came over to stay the night.  He's such a sweet, soft-spoken, handsome young man.  6'3", beautiful brown eyes, dark skin, scruffy beard, and a succulently deep soft voice.  He's new in town and new to kink, so I'm all the more happy to show him as much as possible.

His second visit to my apartment started off with us making out immediately after the front door closed behind us.  His kisses are soft as are his wonderful lips, I felt his arms surround me, holding me closer as our make out deepened further, becoming more passionate, romantic, sensual.  I was very tired from the day so I pulled him into the bedroom, stripping off our clothes and getting closer, his body a gorgeous light carpet of black hair, soft and cuddly like a teddy bear.  His submissive nature and eagerness to be mine to keep was like a fantasy unfurling into a reality.  The dream man in my bed wanted to be mine?  A living wet dream.

We dozed a little, cuddled close and smiling.  A snooze later and we decided to go to dinner but not before reaching the topic of leather.  I told the teddy bear boy to try on my first leather jacket to see how he looked.  It didn't fit him very well size-wise, but he is definitely destined to own one given how amazing he wore it!

After a burger I showed him the vintage stores on 4th street, great places for old jackets and boots for the next time we met we could go jacket hunting.  Once back at my apartment more kissing and intimacy, then I collared him with my large, leather slave collar.  He loved it and he looked right with one on his neck, he definitely needs to wear one.  I then introduced him to a little domestic service, tasking him with my laundry, which he thankfully enjoyed as part of his servitude. The first time he went down with the basket he dressed regularly with the addition of my collar.  The second time he was to go down, he was to be shirtless, woof! He definitely looks better without a shirt on.

Once chores were finished he and I shared a drink, then went to bed, where we spent the majority of the night kissing, cuddling, and melting into a naked embrace.  I was thrilled!  Not much sleep was had at all that night, not that I'm complaining mind you.

In the morning more romantic cuddling, gazing into his dark brown eyes, a smile never left my lips.  Soon I prepared to make love to him, lubing up his hole, and sliding a condom on, I discovered he was very tight like a virgin ass.  I went nice and slow, I wanted to really savor the moment.  I pushed gently, easing into his squeezing hole.  His moans and gasps were so sweet and so erotic.  I told him how beautiful he was, he was intoxicating to the heart, how easy it would be to fall in love with him.  I then pumped more energy into him, thrust a little harder, the beast within was harder to resist.  I pounded him harder, thrust faster, his moans spurring me on like a war horse!  He was mine! I was fucking my teddy bear boy!  I exploded inside of his sweet ass with a growl!  His ass was so tight it felt like the cum had nowhere to go inside my rubber!

I cleaned off a bit and we basked in our afterglow together.  He was so happy, and I was glad to see he had enjoyed it as much as I did.  Soon to our disappointment he had to take his leave.

He will return soon though, I must show him everything I can in the kink world.  He's so open minded and eager to learn.  He must belong to me, he will be my teddy bear boy, in my collar, bound by my restraints, led into bars on a chain leash and tied up in rope.

I'm going to take damn fine care of this one.

Play Safe Dear Reader.