Sunday, July 27, 2014

IML 2014

Friday May 23rd 2014

Cockpit and I arrived at the host hotel, upon approaching the doors Cockpit turned to me and said "I hear a repetitive beat, it must be a gay event!"

Upon entering, I caught up with a few friends as Cockpit checked us into our room and went on ahead.  Once I arrived at our room door he opened it to greet me and said "Ya ready for this?" one of my favorite phrases to hear him utter, as it usually leads to good things, like whenever he gasps and his face lights up with an idea.  Outside, our door was a nondescript portal stuck in a slanted wall in the hotel hallway.  The door opened to reveal a huge room with an incredible view of the city of Chicago.  The room was big enough to consider hosting a small puppy party.

Exhausted and hungry, Cockpit treated us to room service and some great episodes of "Archer".  Once fed and re-energized I geared up with Cockpit and walked him down to Gear Blast where we met up with Keith, Brue, and other K-9 Unit members as well as Don and Niko.  We went out for pictures, and found an awesome Malamute fursuiter who was 6'4" and whose suit had abs, and to top it all off he cuddled like a dream!  His hugs were so wonderful on my bare skin!  We hung out downstairs for a while, then met up with Sir Ian, his boy and Paco, my slave from Recon, whom I had been chatting online with for years!  He was so deliciously handsome! I loved him on the spot!

Cockpit was very tired by this point so I took him back to the room with Paco in tow.  Once I tucked in my pup, my slave boy and I went back downstairs and made out like crazy.  Amongst the large crowds of leather and gear, the pounding music, it was just him and myself, kissing deeply, the whole world faded away and I was alone with my slave.  I forced him up against the walls, he was my fucking plaything!  Groping, biting, every gasp and moan turned me on!  I took him back upstairs to the room, he kissed my boots as he took them off, we stripped, he was even sexier under his leather!  I took my new slave under the sheets, and wrapped my arms around him.  He was mine.  I slept with a horny smile on my lips that night, and a hot man in my arms, my beloved puppy only inches away, sleeping soundly.  This was going to be a wonderful weekend.

Saturday May 24th, 2014

I woke up with my slave Paco in my arms, which led to making out, groping, then a wonderful shower together, enjoying his wet soapy body.  Then having him wash me, more kissing, before letting him rejoin his friends.  Cockpit finally woke up and we started our busy day together.  We went shopping, I had WoW Bao, we then ran errands feeding the troops over at the Mr. S booth (my dog is a saint), before I became extremely hungry and narrowly avoided a nasty meltdown (seriously, though, I saw someone I strongly disliked on the vendor's floor and he was lucky he didn't make eye contact with me). Cockpit then met up with an old friend of his at the room and I left them alone to have fun while I explored the marketplace.

Unfortunately this is where things get complicated, I can't really be comfortable by myself when I'm at any huge event like IML, Folsom, or something related.  I watch all the hot, dreamy muscle daddies walk by with their slaves in straitjackets, collars, leashes, and restraints and start getting "nesty" and my heart grows hungry. Making little kinky romances in my head, yearning for a daddy of my own and all.  It gets really sappy.  I'm a really social guy, I need to be with friends and company when I'm out, I don't get the same thrill as when I'm alone.  Luckily a hot guy working at the Leather Masters booth snapped me out of it, he flirted with me, groped me, hugged me. I gave him my number, prayed he'd call me.

Went back to the room and passed out, awoke a short time later to Cockpit nudging me awake, telling me he had tried to call me and even knocked on the room door, but I hadn't heard him I was so deeply out.  Time passed in the blink of an eye (it's actually really creepy when that happens), I was soon invited down to a facebook friend's room, which was a short-lived visit as he just vented about drama which had no explanation or backstory.  Returning to my room, I took a much needed shower to relax a bit before heading out again to take Cockpit to the Puppy Social party.

The room was just packed! Two floors, surprisingly, and tons of pups squished into the small but roomy space, a few drag queens, a fursuiter or two.  I left Cockpit to romp and socialize for puppy time, and at his encouragement, I went downstairs excited to see what the BLUF party was all about.  If you know me, you know I am totally smitten by a man in full BLUF gear.  The leather jacket, shirt, tie, pants, tall boots, Muir cap, belt, and gloves it's such a heartthrob.  I fantasized of a huge room with plenty of leathermen laughing and drinking with music and socializing, but when I arrived I was met with an entirely different scene.

As I stepped inside the room, I felt the energy stiffen.  Eyes fell on me, belonging to men in the leather I loved so much, but they didn't seem very interested.  I felt an odd chill, I didn't seem very welcome, wanted, or invited here.  They stood in small clusters, talked in low voices, in a room only two small rooms wide.  I was recognized and waved over by Aaron from San Diego, and included in a small cluster along with another older man.  I spoke to the older stranger for a few minutes, but once I looked up, the cluster I was just invited into had dissolved and reformed elsewhere without me even realizing it.  I looked around the room again, I was easily the youngest man there.  Frustrated, I left, knowing where I would feel welcome, I returned at once to the puppy social room.

The hotel room doors opened and smiling faces greeted me, warm and exciting energy was in the air, drinking and smiles, loud conversation and laughter, as well as horny vibes permeated the now overcrowded two-floor room.  A drag queen had drawn on the mirror with her lipstick, and I found Cockpit sitting next to a cutie in a wheelchair.  I was introduced to Forest, a sweetheart of a man and adorable as well.  We left soon after with Brue, Keith, Frank and Forest.  Once back at our room I fell on the bed, the darkness of sleep consumed me just as they left the room once more.

Sunday May 25th 2014

This morning a boy I had my eye on for a long time texted me and said he wanted to see what I meant when I had told him I wanted to rip him apart.  I ordered him to my room that instant where I threw him on the bed, and made out, heating things up quite significantly, we started to chat a bit, I asked him what he had gotten up to last night.  He told me he had gone to Steamworks, a chill went up my spine as I remembered my experience last year, he then confessed he was pounded by two random guys, bareback. I shot him a very concerned look, to which he replied with "It's okay, I'm positive anyway."

After a moment of silence, it was obvious to us both that we were leaving the room shortly for that drink he had promised earlier during conversation.  He was kind to buy me a "Dirty Shirley" for breakfast, and we made little conversation before Cockpit appeared and the boy excused himself.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the setup and teardown of Woof Camp.  I helped Cockpit organize the crowd for puppy portraits, which everyone just falls in love with every year.  Woof Camp was a resounding success of romping, barking, howling pups and tons of bystanders, viewers, and curiosity seekers, including the hotel staff as well as security who try and make it look like that they're "just making the rounds" but you know damn well they're checking it out and having a good time which is very amusing to see.

About 2/3ds of the way through the camp, Brue introduced the Zombie postwomen who shambled in and about the pups, throwing fake citations, zombie teddy bears and squeaky zombie hands and feet into the crowd, which the  pups gleefully tore apart.  One pup crawled under a zombie's legs and took her for a short-lived ride before she fell off.  Shortly after the zombies were introduced, and then pulled from the mass of dogs, Cruella De Ville made her fabulous introduction, surrounded by handlers, who were then instructed to leave, exposing her to the merciless barrage of the pups!  She had to literally be pulled away from the pack of fury before her costume was shredded to bits like last year's postman Keith.

As Woof Camp died down, I learned that two of the zombie postwomen were best friends who actually come to Woof Camp every year, and that the fake citations were actually their own idea, and they had them printed that morning on the drive over! These girls were simply amazing and had such fun, bubbly energy!

Once Woof Camp was clear and over with, I headed downstairs and bought myself a drink, releasing some tension from the day, and enjoying the music.  Not too long afterward, I crossed paths with a Chicago local, Johnathan, whom I had a crush on before he found a boyfriend, and my lust waned as he was "out of bounds". During conversation, he confessed he was single again, and at that moment I pulled him in for a deep make out as my crush was reinstated.  Never let such an opportunity pass you by. He wandered off and I ran into a group of guys I had met at the portraits who kindly accepted me into their group, they took me into a few rooms, and I was offered to make my own cocktail.

Having no real idea of what I was doing I looked at the bottles and tried to figure out the best combination of booze and mixers.  On a hunch and a vague idea of flavor balance, I mixed Vanilla Vodka, Butterscotch Liquor, and 7-Up, it tasted lovely, smelled wonderful, received positive reviews, and so I named my new concoction the "Sweetheart Fox".

Back down in the lobby I followed the boys around again and met an incredibly handsome ebony gentleman named Benjamin, a muscled sexy man who offered me a beer-lemonade.  The drink wasn't too bad, but his company was wonderful.  We talked and I flirted with him until 3:00am when we finally parted ways, and I went back to the room and passed out once my head hit the pillow.

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Sadly, Cockpit had to leave a day early and we would meet at the airport tomorrow, I saw him off and was left to my own devices the rest of the day.  Unfortunately the day's events that transpired were not positive in any sense, left me frustrated, furious, and empty-hearted, and don't need to be recorded here.

Once night fell I texted a friend from last year's IML, puppy Rolph, and asked what he was up to.  He invited me to his room and introduced me to his gorgeous roommates who were headed out to that evening's festivities which sadly required pre-purchased tickets that neither I nor Rolph could afford.  Once they left, and a shot of vodka later, Rolph and I told of our experiences that weekend, and shared our frustrations. Then he placed me in his leather straitjacket, the tight comforts of which I relaxed into immediately.  I lay upon the bed, helpless to his desires, he edged me gently, telling me wonderful stories of how he owned a piggy slave for six years, and the wonderfully horrible things he would do to him.

His roommate came back, and on Rolph's order, kissed me deeply, this was bliss!  After a long while, he released me and let me jerk myself to climax.  The load I shot was monumental!  I was stunned a bit, but I felt such relief, several days worth of horny frustrations in several muscle spasms all over my chest.  After laying there in the afterglow, I cleaned up, and then he escorted me to my floor and we parted ways with a kiss.

Not ready to end the evening just yet, I headed out for a midnight snack at Dunkin' Donuts down the block, in leather jacket, jeans and Muir cap.  Along the way at a crosswalk, a smartass approached me and attempted to be funny with "Hey, are you the real police?" along with a nasally chuckle. Unamused, lightly pissed, and too tired to give a shit, I shot him a look that reeked of my annoyance, solidifying eye contact.  His chuckling smile soon faded, and he apologized, but I didn't break my gaze, I focused in, deepening my glare.

 I'm not letting you get off that easy jackass. I want this to haunt you when your brain keeps you up at night, forcing you to remember all the stupid shit you've ever said and done in your life.

I kept that awkward silence hanging in the air, making it more and more embarrassing for him until you could reach out and touch the humiliation in the space between us.  The light changed, and he scooted his sorry ass across the street as fast as he could without breaking into a run.  I took an unnecessary turn at the corner so I could burst out laughing!  I should do that more often!  The rest of the night was uneventful, a stale donut and small hot chocolate later, and I was in bed.

The next day I was relieved when I was reunited with my puppy Cockpit, he had booked us 1st class seats home, and I enjoyed a wonderful tipsy flight homeward, next to the most amazing puppy and best friend in the world. It's just not an experience without you, pup!

A very special thank you to everyone who made the IML experience possible. Your hard work is appreciated and loved by thousands!

Play Safe Dear Reader.