Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Sling Fun

February 26th, 2014

Today the Little Brown One picked me up and we had a very enjoyable meal together which he generously treated me to.  Then, once back at my place, I stripped him down to his assless jockstrap which frames him so very tastefully, and directed him about how to clean my room.

He went right to work, and did a fantastic job. My new room is now clean, calm, and organized.  I love what he did in my closet as now all my boots are very neatly arranged and ready for use.  Unfortunately we ran out of time before he could make it to the living room or kitchen, but it's like a good theme park, you can't do everything in a day, and it keeps you coming back.

From there we headed over to his house and fooled around, he had his sling set up but first he put me on the bed and massaged me.  Fuck I love it when boys rub my feet, it's one of the best feelings next to a full body massage.  Then, relaxed and oiled, I was led to the sling where he hooded me and pleased me, licking my hole, sucking my manhood, riding me in the sling, and edging me.

Once my arms started to tingle he let me out of the sling, and still hooded, I made love to him on the bed.  I entered him slowly, gently, and easy at first.  Rolling myself into him a little harder, firmer, and faster until I found myself slamming my cock hard into his hole! Deep! Thrusting passionately until I started howling as I came!

I love this chore boy!  I wish I could have him more often!

Play Safe Dear Reader