Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Quick Little Visit

January 28th, 2014

This afternoon The Little Brown One proposed to stop over for an hour of fun.  Now, usually I never do this, as "quickies" tend to leave me feeling cheap and used, as the men who propose them don't stay to bask in the afterglow and simply jump back in their pants and head for the door, and I'm just a means to an end.  However when it's with a trusted friend, and loyal boy, offering his body to me for a round of fun, it's different on a personal and emotional level.

I was extremely horny, I put on my chaps, harness, cowboy boots all under a shirt and sweatpants in order to meet him at the gate.  Once inside my apartment I blindfolded him, donned my muir cap after removing my shirt and sweats, and then took his blindfold off and made him service his Sir's balls.  If it was going to be a quick visit, I wanted him to love it all.

I pulled him up and stripped him, then shoved him on the bed, tied him down spread eagle after more kissing and nipping at his body before lubing up his hole, sliding on a rubber, and entering him.  Finally I was fucking in my chaps, I don't know why it took me so long, but it didn't matter, all that mattered at this moment was that I was inside my happy little chore boy, who was so eager to ride his Sir's cock.

I had been so horny all day, waiting and stroking all day long, that once I thrust into him I felt my climax just three slams away.  I did my very best to prolong it, but when the beast within orders you to cum, you ask how hard.  I snarled in his ear, "Look what you did boy! You made me so horny I'm cumming already!" as I erupted in his hole, but I kept thrusting, I wasn't going to just let that be the end of it, fuck no, I had my loyal chore boy here to slam a bit! I was going to enjoy myself!

When I did end the fun, we cleaned up quickly and he headed out on his way.  I'm so happy to have a man willing to be my little fuckoy AND man servant to clean my home.  What a good Little Brown One he is.

Play Safe Dear Reader