Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Experience as a Cash Master

I've been meaning to make a blog post about this for a while now, as it's a fascinating and enjoyable kink.  The subject of play is Cash Play, or Financial Domination.

The name tells you pretty much what the kink is, as a top in this play I consensually dominate a submissive's finances.  The submissive person in these scenes get sexual or nonsexual gratification in submitting to a dominant in many ways via financial play.  These can include but are not limited to: cash tributes, material or intangible gifts, giving experiences such as dinners or vacations, paying bills on the dominant's behalf, and so on.  This can be as mild as a small cash tribute/gift of a few dollars, or as extreme, as I've observed and even been invited into, controlling a submissive's entire income, such as paychecks, bank accounts, and even 401Ks.

The flexibility of this fetish is that you can do this online as well as offline, I desire more offline play myself, as it's more palpable and personal, however I do enjoy playing via skype chat sessions and yahoo chats with subs that are eager to submit and have a good head on their shoulders (more on that in a moment).

The eroticism for me is in the play itself, a submissive man with his wallet in his mouth, and eager to please me as his Master, Boss, or Sir.  Walking with him close behind or by my side, putting things at my direction in the shopping cart without hesitation, and a smile on his face.  It's the power play that is more fun than the items being purchased, however those are a wonderful and greatly appreciated benefit of the play, of which I am always grateful for.

I was introduced to financial domination by a man I had an online domination relationship with for a good few years.  We had talked for ages, and he kept mentioning he wanted to see me in a leather executioner's hood, leather gloves, and to have me "hold his slave life in my hands" (figuratively mind you, this is fantasy play, I'm not about to grab a battle axe and go dark ages on his neck).  We discussed the gear more, and he said he wanted to tribute them to me.  He kept mentioning it, and so I agreed to accept his "leather tribute" to me.  I picked out the hood on the Mr. S website, and the gloves I wanted and sent him the links to both so he could buy them for me and send them my way.  A week went by, a month, and he went dead silent.  Dropped off the face of the earth.  No response to messages, texts, or voicemails.  After years of hot erotic chat, when it came time to pay the piper this guy ran for the hills.  I was greatly disappointed in him, not only did I genuinely want to play with him, but I thought he actually meant what he said and I was ready to do everything we talked about, I wanted to make all of his sexy dreams come true.

Well, the thought stayed in my head, what is tributing? What is this kind of play called?  I asked around on Fetlife and a dominatrix friend of mine explained that this kink was "like the golden goose".  I agreed, a submissive that gets sexual gratification by giving money? What an ideal play session!  Of course I was going to take this as seriously as I took my other play, there are limits, there are laws, I was going to be respectful at all times.

So I looked around for a place to find guys into this, and I came across a few websites, however a lot of them were very poorly put together, many if not all of them in different countries, and run by men who had absolutely no idea of how to design a web page.  Even further disappointing and disgusting is the behavior of a lot of the "masters" that populate these sites.  Now I understand that a good amount of men are turned on by being talked down to, verbally abused, however the kind of attitude that permeated these sites is questionable and strongly homophobic. It doesn't feel like it's for play, but real hate, real abuse, and real mistreatment, which disappoints me greatly.  I fear they have no clue of the kind of damage they can do to another person, and I feel that they wouldn't care even if they did. These "masters" probably heard "hey you can get free stuff from these guys if you talk shit to them" and they ran to sign up, not thinking of the real-world consequences, but then that's my observation, and it's also the submissive's responsibility to say "No, you're an asshole, I don't want to play with you."

It got so bad at one point I once had to bail out a boy because he let his guard down. Unbeknownst to him, a guy was recording him on their video chat, on which he mentioned his name, where he lived, and other sensitive information.  The guy then used this video to try and extort money out of him, around the tune of five thousand dollars. When the boy refused, the monster then put the video on various websites, and I went and had them removed immediately.  The boy then left the cash play websites and swore it off forever.

My experience with the submissives on these various websites has been very scarce, many would claim to want to play, but then when presented with the clear opportunity to play with me, they would vanish into thin air.  I also have been offered entire livelihoods like paycheck domination, remote computer access, and even paypal account control, right off the bat.  I refused these, as it's not only not my style of domination nor my desire, it's also suspicious.  I've refused others as well, men who were on disability, starving students, cheating husbands (one man had a wife and kids, I couldn't in any corner of my heart take money from a family, period) and cash draining addicts.  The addicts are sad, as they beg, beg, and beg to be drained, to be destitute, it's tragic to watch, and you can even see their behavior follow a formula, as anything is never enough.  Even going so far as wanting to be driven into horrifying debt.

However not all of them are so terrible or desperate, and I have experienced a nice share of good, well-behaved boys and slaves.  The majority of the subs have been online, and the ones that didn't run away and vanish into the shadows have been quite pleasant.  Many have told me they found me a shocking difference to the majority of the dominants that populate the websites. "Wow, you're so nice!" Well of course, I actually do care about you, boy.  I enjoy building up a rapport with them, making them feel at ease, and we trade lovely erotic chats back and forth as we play.

One boy I was fortunate enough to meet in person, which is exceedingly rare, as a result of the entirety of these cash play websites are all over in Europe, their demographic is usually on the other side of the globe as well, in addition to the flakiness and unreliability of many submissives.  We met and got to know each other at a local bar, then he took me for lunch, and afterward we went to the grocery store for a few items, and he was only happy to pick up the bill.  It was my first real time cash play experience, and I was able to gain ideas for our next session together, and for future cash boys as well.

One cash piggy in particular whom I thoroughly enjoy playing with has offered a number of times to fly me over to France to meet him in person.  The only reason I've not already accepted is my apprehensions on the situation. I've never been abroad before (plus I really need to look into getting a passport to begin with), and flying to an entirely different country where I only know one person is a bit frightening, especially when I can only speak English and have no comprehension of local culture practice and so on.

Now I have received flak from some people, and one of them was actually a man I had known for quite a while.  He was livid, exploding at me, telling me I "was misusing my title", and was acting shamefully, then refused to talk to me further or even hear my response. Some even called me a prostitute.  Well one, I would never, and have never "used my title" for anything.  As a titleholder it's just a title, a contest I won, it doesn't give me any shiney privileges, permissions, or superpowers.  The only two times it's ever done anything for me physically was when a bouncer saw my medallion, and invited me into the bar cover-free and ahead of the line.  I was grateful and accepted, but not once did I ask for something using it as a ticket or a pass.  I hear about ego-inflated titleholders using the line "don't you know who I am!?" If you have to ask, I really don't give a shit, and probably never will.  You're an asshole. End of story.

The next part is about prostitution:

"Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations, in exchange for payment."
"sexual relations: sexual intercourse; coitus."

I'm not charging guys money or gifts for sex, nor would I. If you ask my price (and guys have in the past), you can't afford me, nor ever will. I don't have sex for money, it's illegal and unattractive.  This is a fetish and a kink, not a business.

With all that said, I do have my fantasies about this fetish, and would like to end on an erotic note.

One such fantasy is having a very eager cash boy rent a limousine for the two of us for an evening.  I'm in full leather, boot to muir cap. He opens my door, dressed in a nice suit and tie.  He treats me to a fine dinner, and a drink or two at a leather bar, the entire time referring to me as "Boss" and "Sir".  When we're ready to leave, he has us driven back to his place where we head inside and he submits to me, stripping down to his harness and jockstrap, I collar him and pull his leash down so he may lick my boots.  I seat myself on his sofa and enjoy him worshipping my boot leather.  He discreetly tucks in dollar bills into my boots as he licks them toe-tip to shaft.  I pull him into the bedroom where a nice new pair of gauntlet gloves await me.  I slip them on and use them to cover his mouth and face, he melts into deeper submission as he takes the aroma of new leather deep into his nostrils and I enjoy his vulnerable, sexy body.  Things escalate from there and the evening rolls on, and on.  Then, the next morning I awake to a very happy boy in my arms, and talk of what to do about breakfast and the good times we had last night.

I hope you've enjoyed this lengthy post, and if you are interested in financial domination I hope you, like every kink and fetish out there, choose to explore it safely.  There are a lot of people out there who do not practice it safely or respectfully, and you can seriously get into a lot of trouble.

Play Safe Dear Reader.