Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Beautiful Kiss

January 24th, 2014

I was graced with the opportunity of meeting a lovely friend of Sir Steve's.  I met his train and we got to know each other over coffee, he's very handsome and has a pleasant soft voice, so soft I had to strain to hear him a few times.  He's very sweet, and we made way over to my place after he confessed his curiosity over bondage and kink in general.

Once inside, he took charge and we spent what felt like ages just kissing.  He took his time, romancing them, gentle, romantic kisses, it drove me nuts, withered away resistance, my body relaxing and melting into them.  He moved over to my neck and I just fell further into his lips.  These were the kisses you ache for on a cold Valentine's Day. The ones that keep you warm at night against the cruel lonely cold.

Eventually I pulled him into the bedroom and showed him my gear closet, had him try on a leather jacket, gauntlet gloves, and muir cap and the look really suits him! Incredibly sexy!  I then stripped him bare and bound his hands and feet in my nylon rope and enjoyed his vulnerable body.  Giving him a nice taste of bondage as I licked and kissed his flesh.  I released him soon after only to bind him again, this time to the restraints on my bed.

I licked, kissed, bit, and savored his beautiful body.  I made him moan and sigh in ecstasy, making me even hornier and harder.  I then released him and he moved down to my waist, sucking and worshipping my balls as I stroked my manhood.  His oral skills are just incredible, he's gentle, sweet, he takes his time working all the good spots. I couldn't hold it back any more and I exploded a nice burst on my chest!  He lay next to me and followed suit, working his beautiful manhood until a great stream of cum sprayed on his chest as well.

I cleaned him off and enjoyed the afterglow with him before he took his leave soon after.  Still calling me "Sir."

Play Safe Dear Reader