Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Intimate Visit

November 24th, 2013

Sir Steve had kidnapped me last night after my event "Wagsgiving" which had a fantastic turnout.  We headed across the street to grab a late night donut and a hot chocolate with some of the boys, from there he took me back to his apartment and we fell asleep almost the instant we both hit the bed.

The next day, we took a very nice shower together and he then cuddled me close on the bed.  My hands were then bound to the restraints on the wall above his bed, and my helpless body molested, stroking me and edging on my manhood.  I could do nothing to stop anything he did to me, and damn it was wonderful!  He continued to rub me, caress me, stroke me, edging me, until I couldn't hold it back any more and my load shot all across my naked body.  At my point of climax, he had come as well!

We lay there together in our afterglow, another wonderful playtime together.  I was released from the wall, and we headed back to the showers, a candle was lit and I was washed of my spunk.  I love how safe he makes me feel.  He looks out for me, and I am very grateful for his bear-like protection.

Thank You Sir.

Play Safe.