Thursday, November 7, 2013

Welcome Back, Sir

October 10th, 2013

This afternoon Sir John came by.  I greeted him at the door with a kiss and an embrace.  I missed him a lot, I missed that submissive feeling that rises in my body when I see him.  Upstairs we kissed longer, I fell deeper.  He tied my hands behind my back, blindfolded me, and deeply kissed me, he forced me to my knees and had me suck and lick his balls.  He moved to the chair and released me from my blindfold and bindings, I held him, deepening his domination of me.

I was ordered to clear off the bed, and was then stripped of my clothes, my wrists were then tied to my ankles, and I found myself face down on the bed.  My ass was rimmed, it felt wonderful!  My hole was then slathered with lubricant, it was time.  Sliding on a condom, he entered me, sliding deep inside me hole.  It's felt like ages since I was fucked, and it felt wonderful to have a strong man fuck me again!  I lasted as long as my knees would allow, I was then turned onto my side and fucked sideways.  That felt great, spooning sex!  His tall body behind me, embracing me as he thrust into me!  I was then flipped on my back, and was gifted the privilege of looking into the eyes of the man slamming my hole, kissing me as he screwed me.

I was untied then put on my stomach, my hands tied behind my back, gagged twice because I'm a noisy bottom, my legs restrained to the mattress straps, he ravaged and pounded my aching boy hole.  He finally decided he had enough and pulled out, he jerked his massive dick and came in a warm creamy spray on my back.  Freed from my bindings, I held him close, and we talked in the afterglow.  When I started stroking my meat, he started telling me of all the dirty things he wanted to do to me, including collaring me for a whole weekend and team-fucking me with one or more doms!  I shot a great load from that one, and I do enjoy the idea of being passed from one top to the next, all guys I know so the sex is safe and meaningful.

I missed you, Daddy! I love being your fucktoy!

Play Safe Dear Reader