Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Folsom Weekend 2013: Day 2

September 28th, 2013

This morning the universe smiled and I ended up in bed with Pup Alex. Score!  I was thrilled, I held is slim, toned body close to me, a fantasy in the making.  Cuddling him close, loving on him, this beautiful 19-year-old, training to be a Marine, I wanted nothing other than to make him feel incredible.  With Brue leaving early for work, and Cockpit headed out to see an aviation show at the San Francisco airport, I was left all alone to my own devices with the succulent, young pup.

However, I wasn't sure if he was collared to someone else, so again, I had to keep the wolf behind the screen door.  It was almost painful, the amount of desire I have for this pup, I wanted to ravage and tear into him, doing beautifully horrible things to his body.  We eventually woke up together, and fooled around a bit. Slipping off his tight fitting underwear, I discovered a delicious looking cock, playing with it urged some sexy noises from this pup.

Eventually I unhooded him, we showered, and met Handler Matthew and his puppy Squeak.  Matthew is a gorgeous muscled hunk and Squeak is just absolutely adorable.  Matthew took us to Mr. S where we browsed and I looked at the collection of floggers and other fun toys for my wish list.  We saw Steven, and said a very horny hello.  He's a very handsome man, who possesses a very dominant presence with a deep voice that can suck the willpower right out of your legs!  Pup Alex bought his very first leather pup hood, and he looks amazing in it!  From there we headed to Wicked Grounds for a rambunctious puppy meet-n-drink/munch, from there we added Pup Gadget and Nate to the group and headed to the Castro, where we met up with Daddy Jeff.

Our group wandered through the Castro where we eventually came to Worn Out West 2nd Generation, a sequel store to Worn Out West, a consignment kink gear store, and I found a very pleasing studded leather harness that was mine the moment I tried it on.  At $68.00 which was knocked down to $65.00 because of a nice little coupon I gathered from getting tested at an HIV testing van. This harness is mine now.

From there we returned to the hotel and Pup Alex and I accompanied Matthew and Pup Squeek to Cat's Head BBQ, a great place, very down to earth, where they shout your name to pick up your food served in a basket, and you know they're taking it seriously when they serve sweet tea in a mason jar.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel and joined Matthew and Pup Squeak in their room.  While Pup Alex got molested by Matthew, Pup Squeak bound me up and played with my meat on the bed.

After we were finished, it was Pup Squeak's turn, thrown in a straitjacket, hooded, and bound, we manhandled him for a good while.  After our scene Pup Alex and I got back to our room, but then told me he was going to sleep with Matthew and Squeak's room.  Damn! I reluctantly saw him out, and then tried to crawl into bed with Cockpit, I say tried because I accidentally startled him so badly he literally fell out of the damn thing.

Not the ending I had in mind for this day...

Play Safe Dear Reader.