Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To Hell With Orientation

September 7th, 2013

Today Dylan texted me and said he was available, and I had him come over.  We spent the day together, a trip to Fry's, groceries at Mitsuwa one of my favorite Japanese supermarkets, then upon our return to my apartment, I had him strip for me and we enjoyed a cool shower together.  I just love holding this boy in my arms, naked and wet.  Having my arms wrapped around his body, this adorable, sweet straight boy is incredibly gratifying.  He enjoys the body contact, and I love holding him close, his small frame against my naked body.

We dried off, and I had him suck me off as I wrote in the diary.  He's a fantastic cocksucker, he blows me and he just loves it, as do I!  I don't question it, really.  In this world a lot of people enjoy a lot of different things, and anything is possible, really, as long as the dynamic is in balance.  A straight man can enjoy sucking cock and still not be seriously attracted to other men. A woman can kiss other women and not get wet over it.  All I really care about is if we're both having a good time getting each other off, and we do!  Bottom line, great blowjob! Details be damned!

We went into my room and cuddled, kissed, lay in the heat together before I started up a few games we played together until we came back into the bedroom and had him massage me and kiss my body.  I love his lips on my skin, tender and sweet.  He took his leave afterward, and then I received a text not too long after.

He fantasizes about being shown off as my boy...oh yes, that fantasy will become a reality soon enough!  I like this boy!

Play Safe Dear Reader