Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Little Brown One

August 19th, 2013

Today I had a boy nicknamed The Little Brown One come over, we got along great over our initial coffee meet and I was very eager to play with him.  He arrived with gear and after deeply kissing or hellos, he produced a bag of leather including harness, leash, collar, and more.  All red leather, woof.  I had him change into his harness, jockstrap, and shorts while I took the time to change into my own bulldog harness, and leather jock.

TLBO looked amazing in his gear, and when I slipped that collar around his neck, and clipped my leash, he was mine.  He told me he wanted to serve, so I tasked him with massaging my body, and kissing it.  His hands worked my body very well, releasing tension and helping me to relax.  After a long and wonderful massage, I ordered him to suck my cock, and he did so with great care and skill.  I loved every moment his mouth was bobbing on my dick!

I then ordered him on his knees in the living room where I tied his hands behind his back, hooded him in his latex hood with only his mouth exposed, and proceeded to reward him for his service.  I kissed his beautiful body, licked, nipped, and bit him.  Pulling down his shorts to expose his sweet ass I then kissed him deeply and continued enjoying his body and the resulting moans.  Satisfied, I walked him to my bed, unfastened his jock and bent him over.  I lubed up his ass, slid on a condom and made slow, gentle love to his hole.

He was helpless, bound, hooded, and my cock was up his warm, soft ass.  It was incredible.  I slid in faster, harder, told him he was a good boy, started really fucking him.  He moaned more, louder! I slammed his hole! It was amazing!  I shot my load! YES! Oh fuck yeah!

After cleaning up, we talked a bit in the afterglow.  He likes to clean.  It looks like I have a new chore boy!

Play Safe Dear Reader