Friday, October 11, 2013

Fun at Ginger Night

July 20th, 2013

Jeff came up from Orange County for the night and we geared up for a night out at the bar.  Jeff dressed in his sexy blue football fetish pants, his leather harness, as well as the light rubber vest he bought from me.  I wore my title vest, harness, leather chaps, and leather ball cap and my engineers.  We met Sir Donny at the corner who had so generously offered to be our designated driver for the evening, and what a dashingly handsome escort he made!  Tall leather lace up boots which I had the honor of being under several times, tight fitting leather pants, his leather shirt and tie, Sam Brown belt, plus his leather jacket.  I wanted to hug his legs right then and there.

At the bar, Jeff treated me to an Adios Motherfucker which pushed me quite close to my limit, I'm a featherweight so as a result I'm also a cheap date. The cocktail was soon followed by Sir Donny buying me a sweet concoction by one of the incredibly hot bartenders, Fireball Whiskey with Pineapple Juice, and a splash of Sprite.

The night consisted of flirting with the bartender, great conversation, a little play on the chain spiderweb, flirting with the adorable ginger go-go boys and one of them asking for my number (he still hasn't called, oh well).  I was fondled and flirted with, so it was a great night. After a quick stop for burgers, Sir Donny drove us home to my apartment and we kissed him thank you and goodbye.  Jeff and I headed upstairs and stuffed our faces with the greasy meat before crashing in my bed together.

In the morning, I awoke to Jeff who was just as horny as I was. A wonderful thing to awaken to, an adorable slim-bodied sexy boy rock hard and eager to blow his load.  So we lubed up nice and slick and kissed, caressed, stroked, and eventually blew our loads together!  Fuck yes.

What a great night!

Play Safe Dear Reader