Thursday, October 10, 2013

His First Time With a Man

July 20th, 2013

This morning Dylan came up and we had a very entertaining afternoon at the park, sparring with foam swords.  It caught the curiosity of others as a couple approached us and asked if they could join for a few rounds.  Once everyone had their fill of the activity, Dylan and I headed back to my place and I had him strip down for me.  This boy had a beautiful body, and here's where things get interesting.  Dylan tells me he is straight, but is turned on by the idea of submitting to other men, sucking cock, and getting fucked, and I would be the first to give him this experience.

Personally, his orientation doesn't matter that much, the only thing "straight" does for me in all honesty is make the guy appealing in the sense of "he's not going to be into playing with me, therefore he is unobtainable, therefore his initial attractiveness is multiplied by the idea that I cannot have him in that bizarre human trait of always wanting what we cannot have".  When he did tell me he was straight it did raise an eyebrow, "Oh really?" but I don't doubt him.  Anything is possible, as long as the dynamic and elements are balanced you can make anything work.

I slid on a condom and this beautiful boy went down on me, for a beginner sucking his first cock he took to it like a duck to water.  I loved watching him suck me, as I ran my fingers through his thick hair.  I then moved us to the bedroom and introduced him to anal.  I lay down on the bed and had him lube up and slowly had him sit down on my dick.  He had difficulty, his ass was so new to it, and very nervous.  It hurt, like it the first time always will, so I lay him face down on the bed and entered him as gently as possible, lightly fucking him as slowly as I could, listening to his gasps and grunts.  Like a hungry wolf staring at a turkey dinner through a flimsy screen door, it took everything I had not to ravage him then and there.  Virgin boys are so succulent, but so new, I couldn't tear into him, I wanted to break him in slowly.

He couldn't take much more, so we stopped and cuddled.  Oh this one is a lover!  He cuddles nice and close, he loves body contact, the closer the better.  We held each other for ages, his warm, smooth body in my arms, the soft comforting feeling of someone else's warmth and energy in my bed.  I love snuggling and cuddling, it's very romantic..  We eventually got up and showered together, sharing that beautiful cleansing ritual together, washing him was incredibly hot and sexy, he's so adorable and he has such a beautiful body.

Before he left he told me how much he loved sucking my cock and snuggling with me.  I know I loved it too!  I'm eagerly awaiting his next visit.

Play Safe Dear Reader