Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Having Fun on His Own

July 11th, 2013

I had Bind over again this afternoon, and once again he lugged his big blue bag of toys upstairs, just filled with fun toys.  This guy doesn't pack light whatsoever, and as much as I appreciate variety, it's still a lot to lug around.

He set it down and I started things off with kissing and hugging him, he's a real enthusiastic guy, which leads to a great attitude.  He had obtained a new straitjacket recently so I told him to bring it over so he could have some fun breaking it in!  There's something comforting about a straitjacket, for me I don't immediately like having my arms bound to my sides very much but in a leather or canvas jacket, it just feels different.  I slid it on, yanking the straps tight.  He loves it tight and impossible to move, where I need air to wriggle around.  

Buckled in and comfortable, I tied up his legs in rope and blindfolded him.  I had to get him on the floor somehow, I sat him down on my chair and gently slid him off until I laid him down on the carpet.  He stayed there and struggled for my amusement while I busied myself with tasks around my apartment, dishes, email, occasionally rubbing his crotch with my foot making him squirm and grunt with a big smile on his face.  That's the wonderful thing about bondage, some boys are self-serving.  They love being tied up and left alone to struggle, to feel the binds around their bodies.  Rope, chain, straitjackets, cages, I know I've been in all sorts of situations where the fun is in being left alone and helpless, but always supervised directly or indirectly.  

(Never, ever, ever leave a sub completely alone when they are bound.  It's really stupid and dangerous.  I hear of doms that go out of the house for hours on end, leaving a guy tied up and helpless all by themselves, and I do everything in my power not to punch them in the gut and ask what stupid tree they fell out of and exactly how many branches they broke on the way down.  The sub could have a freak out, they could move in a bad way and their back could get a crick in it, they'd be royally fucked in a natural disaster, so don't screw around and STAY WITH THE SUB. NO EXCEPTIONS.)

Eventually it was time to release the happy little prisoner, so I opened up his pants and pulled out his manhood.  He was very horny at this point, after being teased so often so milking out a nice load from him was quite fun.  After wiping down, unwrapping and unstrapping my eager prison guest he and I talked about a potential mudhole located at his friend's back yard.  He had been buried alive before, and the pictures of his experience were astounding.  I'm very eager to go mudding with Bind and getting into the quicksand has been a dream of mine for as long as I discovered I had a boner for it.

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Play Safe Dear Reader.