Friday, October 4, 2013

Binding the Bouncer

June 16th, 2013

I had met up with a bouncer from a local bar, he had told me that he wanted to try out bondage and see what it was like.  So I set up some time to have him over, he's very cute, shorter than me, clean shaven, buzzed hair, a great subject.

I brought him upstairs and we got close, kissing, caressing, and setting the mood.  He has a nice meaty body on him, I led him to the bed where I told him about my strict policy about safe sex.  I had recently had a scare with a friend of mine who had a sub of his confess something to him about his health status.  I immediately went to get tested and everything came back clean, but that threw me into a very strict code of conduct.  No condom, no play, no exceptions.  I had been slightly lax about it before with oral play, but never again.

I eased him into bondage, I tied his wrists together and saw how he enjoyed it.  He was thrilled, nervous, and excited, he wanted me to go on and I gladly proceeded.  Tying his ankles together he was completely mine, helpless and vulnerable.  I then tasted him, took in his beautiful body, he has some very nice biceps which he flexed for me and I chewed on.  Woof!  I love my muscle boys!  I told him to stay beefy and I loved listening to him call me "Sir".

He likes submission, bondage, kissing, getting fucked, and sucking.  He's going to make a great boy toy.  I lifted his shirt and nipped at his sides like a fox teasing a rooster with his teeth.  He squirmed in the best way, and moaned something beautiful.  I licked him up and down, he tastes so good!  Arf!

I untied him and asked if I may see his dick, he presented it to me, a very nice uncut member.  I jerked his meat and made him a very happy man.  He came with a relaxed dribble, relieved and content.  I wiped him clean, and he said he was definitely coming back!

I certainly hope he does, I still have to plow his ass!

Play Safe Dear Reader. Every time.