Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sling Fisting My Piggy

May 7th, 2013

I jumped into the car with my fisting piggy, and headed to his condo.  I was excited, my fist pig had everything set up!  We were finally going to do a sling fisting like we had talked so eagerly about before.  He wore his sexy harness and a jockstrap, I changed into my own harness, gas mask, leather jock, and combat boots.  I sat down in a chair and pulled up close, he was already ready in the sling, legs up and hole in position.

I lubed up my fingers and started slow, finger by finger one at a time until I pushed deep into his warm, wet, eager ass!  He moaned with contentment as I twisted my fist slowly inside his sloppy, creamed piggy hole.  I started going further, pushing harder, feeling the force of the vacuum seal in his ass, keeping my fingers tightly balled into a fist!  Feeling the force of his anus clamping down on my wrist, threatening to break it!  His loud moans, grunts, and squeals all made me so fucking horny!

I started to punch his hole, taking my whole fist out and shoving it back inside of him again and again, he wanted it! He loved it!  I wanted to fuck him, now!  I slowly pulled out of his sloppy piggy hole and cleaned up.  I slipped on a condom and lubed up my dick.  His hole was sloppy enough, I used the lube that was sitting in the pot of warm water.  The J-lube felt like melted butter!  I slid inside his ass and his hole was tight as hell!  Fuck yes!  I fucked him hard!  I gripped those chains and thrust as hard as I could into his fucking piggy ass!  He was MY fuck pig!  MY cock-hungry, dick-gobbling, pig toy! I was going to pound him and do it right!  He moaned, groaned, grimacing and grunting, clenching his teeth, begging for more!  This went on for a damn good while!

I finally was ready to finish, and ordered him to the bed, and fucked him like the Alpha Fox I am!  He took my dick like the piggy bitch he so loves to be and I exploded deep inside of him with a howl...fuck that was great!  I lay with him, my manhood still deep within his body, holding my precious piggy close.  After our afterglow, we showered, caressing and cleaning each other, my hands all over his gorgeous muscled body.  We then dined at a restaurant nearby and he dropped me off at home, another wonderful time spent with my fist piggy.

Play Safe Dear Reader