Monday, September 16, 2013

The Office Bitch

May 2nd, 2013

This afternoon I met the handsome Levi after talking to him online at length about him being my little office bitch.  I do actually have a soft spot for guys in suits and ties.  The well-dressed look is very sexy to me, and ties are just office-friendly leashes anyway.  The idea of a big executive on his knees with a dress sock stuffed in his mouth is a turn on.

I met Levi outside the Falcon, and fuck was he adorable.  Shorter guys are so damn cute, in a crisp white dress shirt, black tie, black slacks and shoes.  Ruff.  We grabbed a meal and had a nice lunch together, getting better acquainted, then headed back to my place.  He was very excited and very chatty.

Once back in my apartment, I laid into him like nothing before.  I kept my voice stern, my eyes hard and glaring, I did not order, but demanded his servitude.  I pulled him in by his tie for hard, deep kissing, then had him lick my boots which he did so with great fervor as if his life depended on it!  I was in my Dominant mindset really quickly with this one. I wanted to keep things going hot and I pulled out as much Dominant energy as I could muster, I demanded he strip down to nothing but his dress shirt and tie.  I crushed his dick under my boot and ground it into his crotch, milking moans out of him.

I had him take my boots off, and shoved my feet into his face, which he worshiped before I even demanded it.  I ordered him to remove my socks, a task he quickly completed before returning to worshiping my bare feet, licking them like a good little office slave.

I ordered my pants removed along with my underwear, and after he rolled on a flavored condom, he worshiped my cock as well.  I took off my shirt as he slurped my dick as far down his throat as he could.  I continued demanding and growling at him, furthering him deeper into submission as my lowly little office bitch,  I owned this company and I could do anything I fucking wanted!  

When I got horned up enough I told him to get up, I grabbed his tie and pulled him into my bedroom, stood him in front of my bed, spun him around, and shoved him onto it.  I loved roughing around with him and the rougher I got, the more turned on we became.  I flipped him over, lubed him up, slid on a new condom and told him it was time for his promotion.  He could hardly contain himself!  I entered him and fuck was he tight!  Like an uptight little virgin, his ass was extremely tight, and once I got inside his moaning and grunting and gratitude came out with each hard thrust that I gave his little fuck hole!

He loved being the boss' personal fucking toy, and I loved screwing him over!  When I finally blew my load inside his sweet ass, he let out an exhausted sigh of relief and gratitude.  After cleaning up, I held him close in the afterglow, he was my little office bitch slave and he was due my appreciation for all of his good work.

This boy has a ton of potential, and he is definitely going places at this company.  I can't wait to tear him apart once more!

Play Safe Dear Reader